Brewery Ride – Day 2

When Ike and his partners opened Old Bust Head Brewing Company (OBH) two years ago, there were only 40 other craft breweries in Virginia.  Today, there are over 100.  The craft beer industry is clearly booming, and I was ready to explore a few.

In my previous post, I wrote about my visit to OBH.  On the second day of my trip, I took the road south, back toward home.  Before doing that though, I stopped in Warrenton for coffee and breakfast.  Located in the horse and wine country of Fauquier County, this town of less than 10,000 people is just an hour from Washington DC.

The current County Court House, built in the 1800s, is the 6th one in Fauquier County, several before it having burned to the ground.


As always, I prefer to visit a local restaurant or diner, even if it means bypassing the free continental breakfast at the hotel.   I sat outside and enjoyed a delicious cold brew coffee and egg croissant sandwich at Deja Brew.


Before leaving town, I walked around looking for photo opportunities.  Historic buildings, quaint shops, and local restaurants abound in Warrenton.

_MG_4354-3 _MG_4356-3 _MG_4362-3 _MG_4364-3

Warrenton is also an historic train town, and like many communities, converted an old rail line to a walking trail.  Phase 1 of the Warrenton Branch Greenway was dedicated in 1998.

_MG_4377-3 _MG_4380-2

Lots of folks were out walking that morning, proving that local governments who invest in their communities improve the financial health of the locality, and the physical health of their citizens.


After leaving Warrenton, I made a quick stop in Culpeper, another historic town in Virginia.

_MG_4385-3 _MG_4390-3 _MG_4388-3

Heading onward, I followed Rt 151 through Nelson County.


Located at the base of the Blue Ridge, Nelson 151 is the home to Seven Wineries, Three Breweries, One Cidery, and One Distillery.  I definitely didn’t have enough time to visit them all, so a return visit to Nelson 151 is in order!  My next stop was Wild Wolf Brewing Company, where I kept it light with an American Pilsner.



Check out those hops!


From there I rode onward to Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company, makers of Vienna Lager, one of my favorite beers.

20160717_141843-3 IMG_4420-3

What a fabulous day to be on the bike!

_MG_4414-3 _MG_4417-3 _MG_4424-2

By the time I pulled into my carport at the end of this brief but oh so great ride, I’d put 620 miles on the bike and a whole lot of happy in my heart.  Thanks for sticking with me through this long post.  Be sure to let me know if you’re going to be in the area. We’ll check out some more of Nelson 151 together!

35 thoughts on “Brewery Ride – Day 2

  1. You really could be a tour guide Laurie! By the time I’ve finished reading and studying all the lovely photos I’m ready to get my tramping boots on and start walking those highways and byways and exploring this beautiful part of the world. As you note, it is wonderful to see places where community pride is high and thought has gone into preserving and celebrating their history. Of course I really loved the photos featuring the old bikes and the whimsical wrought iron table setting below them. It looks like it was a fabulous day indeed! xo

  2. Such a great group of photos. I’m enamored with all of it. The butterflies on the metal bench and the lacy look of metal flower wall sconces. The tea shop is somewhere I would have had to stop. All the signs and metal art have me in awe. I know 620 miles. I would drive it from Arizona to California in a day and it hurt in a cushy car. How you do half that on a bike is beyond me. Breaking it up into two helps but not that much, I’m sure. It does look like a really lovely trip. I’m truly envious. 🙂

    • Marlene, you’ve put a big smile on my face this morning. Thank you for that lovely comment. I’m heading out again today, this time for a real vacation, not just 36 hours. Hoping I’ll get lucky on the weather.

  3. When I see your photos, I’m always impressed with your eye for detail and framing–some of these pictures would be so boring if I took the shot but you make them sing! The short trip you took looks perfect–makes me want to hit the road!

  4. These are awesome photos, Laurie! When I was in D.C. last fall to visit my brother, he, his girlfriend and I spent a couple of days in Nelson County exploring Crabtree Falls, a cidery and couple of breweries. Devils’ Backbone was one of the breweries. They had a music fest going on at the time, so the place was jumping. It’s a beautiful area and the fall colors made it even more spectacular.

  5. I feel like there is so much to see in the smaller places of this world. Much is made of Paris, Rome and London, but so many treasures lie in our communities. I love history and architecture and of course gardening, so there is always something for me in your photos.

    The Coca-cola sign makes me feel wistful, the cold beer made me smile, the bridge says “walk on over to the other side” and the table and chairs invite you to have a seat…but I won’t because I want to check out those planters just above.

    A delight for the senses, written by a delightful friend.

    • Alys, you have such a way with words! and yes, there is much to be found in the small, out of the way places. Although I have to say that while at the beach, we were able to see my friend Jan’s photos from her recent trip to France. Wow, that architecture! Incredible

  6. There is SO much to see and do in Virginia. Seems like you could take a road trip in any direction and fall squarely into history and hops. I think you might even get more of a feel for things on a bike vs a car. What do you think? ha! Silly question hey? I personally love old historical building, towns and all the history around them. We don’t have too many buildings much more than 125 years old around here, Alberta’s been an official province since 1905, but French explorers first arrived in the 18th century. Of course the First Nations people were here before we started trampling all over their land, but that’s a whole other ball of wax 😀 xoK

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