Brewery Ride- Day 1

The sun streaming through my window had me awake and excited about a weekend on the bike.  Since I only planned to be gone for 36 hours, I was packed and on the road in no time.  Just 45 minutes later, I met my sister for breakfast, and then continued the trip by avoiding the interstate and riding the old state road, Rt 11 North.  The purpose of this trip, after all, was to have unscheduled, unplanned time.   To take my time, stop where I wanted, ride where I wanted, and to explore with no schedule.


When I stopped in Buchanan to check out the swinging bridge, I saw that I had a Voice Message.  A good Samaritan had found the wallet that I didn’t know I’d lost 45 miles back in Salem.


So much for leisurely riding!  I hit the interstate hard and fast, thinking the whole time how fortunate I was to have a good guy find my wallet.  It could have been a disaster! It turned out to be an hour and a half detour, but I was definitely not complaining.  Besides, the weather was perfect.


The only definitive plan I had was to meet some highschool friends at Old Bust Head Brewing Company.  It had been over 35 years since I’d seen Ike, and I was looking forward to visiting the brewery that he and his wife had opened.  After riding 340 miles under clear skies and on dry roads, I rode the last 10 minutes in thunder, lightning, and rain.  Thankfully, Ike directed me into an empty garage space and I was able to keep the bike dry.

13754409_10209492856575966_1687662821869342528_n 13659189_10209496840075551_6886462936738818630_n


I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinquapin Chestnut Porter, although rest assured that I am extremely careful when I ride the bike.


Bill, another highschool friend, and his son Bobby, also came out for a mini-reunion.


After hours of conversation, it was time to check into my hotel.  It was then that I realized that I’d only taken a couple photographs, and I decided I’d return to the brewery early the next day.  Despite being less than an hour from Washington DC, much of Fauquier County is rural, horse country, and the roads back to Old Bust Head made for heavenly morning riding.

_MG_4350-3 _MG_4348-3

The brewing company is located on property that has changed hands and purposes several times as the centuries rolled by.


When the U.S. Army moved out of the secret listening post they had installed on this old Virgina farm called Vint Hill, they left behind warehouse buildings full of history and intrigue (this from the Old Bust Head website).


   Ike and his partners have reclaimed these buildings and have plenty of room to brew, imbibe, and expand in their 30,000 square foot facility (again, from the website). With so much redevelopment going on, directional signs are needed.

_MG_4343-3 IMG_4337-3


Even with backtracking to reclaim my wallet, Day 1 of the ride was a blast!

 Stay tuned for Day 2!

37 thoughts on “Brewery Ride- Day 1

    • Isn’t that bridge neat? Next time, I’ll be able to stay and explore a bit (as opposed to racing back to Roanoke for my wallet!)

  1. There you go again enticing me with bridges… and then… and then… as if that’s not enough, I scroll down while reading your brilliant post and you have fences

    … and that reflection of the road once traveled in the rear view!

    What is it with me and parallel lines and stuff?

    On another note, I trust you head wasn’t too busted after a few of those beverages, Laurie? 😉


    • I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post. Those lines totally drew me in, too, and turned the bike around to go back and takes some photos. And that mirror shot? With those clouds rolling in, I just had to stop and capture where I’d been riding (some fun curves through that stretch!)
      And yes, I am very careful with those brews when riding. Not taking any chances on another wreck (even though the first one wasn’t my fault). Day 2’s post will be up on Saturday.

    • Absolutely! If he hadn’t left the message when he did, who knows how much further down the road I would have gotten? Without money for gas or anything else! Yikes!

    • Yes! All the way around. I was just thinking of you, Laurie, as I was writing the post for Day 2. I think you would have liked the little towns that I passed through.

  2. Oh, that brewery looks like a perfect place to sit back and enjoy a refreshing craft beer. The ride was also very nice. My brother has taken me down some very scenic roads in Virginia…such pretty country!

    • It was a really fun place, Mary. I hope you get a chance to see the post about Day 2. I think you would love Nelson 151 (details next post!)

  3. The brewery does look like a great place to kick back and enjoy a beautiful day Laurie 🙂 I agree you were very fortunate to have one of the good guys find your wallet. Looks like a great day one from the images.

  4. Sorry to hear about the little turnaround concerning your wallet but thankfully it was retrieved without incident! What a lovely ride Laurie & a wonderful spot to catch up with old friends!

    • Lynn, it was so neat to catch up with friends from 35 years ago. To meet as adults, leaving all of those high school labels behind. Great fun!
      Especially since I had my wallet. Phew!

  5. And once again my belief that there are more good people than bad people asserts itself. Yay! I think most go the extra mile to do the right thing. I’m sorry you had to ride in the rain and lightning. That would be the end of it for me. Lightning scares me so much I won’t go out in it. But looks like the trip was truly worth it. The photo in the rear view mirror was great!

    • I’m telling you, Marlene, it was a good think that I rode in the lightning for only 10 minutes. Not one to be frightened typically, it was definitely making me nervous!
      And yes, thanks for the good people in the world. What a relief!
      How have you been, by the way? All okay?

      • I’ve had lightning strike right behind me before and learned how fast my dog and I could run. I was afraid to touch the gate when we got to it but couldn’t get in without it. All is well here. This has been the craziest summer ever.

  6. So, yesterday we were discussing your photographic ability and where you fit in the scale of good photographers……. three of us can say again ‘See, this is what we mean!’ The final shot of the pergola roof and the one before of what lies beneath – the rear view from the bike – the action shot of Ike at work …….. need I go on? And of course you got your wallet back 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Pauline, it was soooooooo good to spend a couple hours skyping with you last night, and especially good to hear that you’ve started painting again. I do love you, my friend.
      Thank you for your lovely comments about my photography. ❤

  7. Your photos and narrative make me want to get in the car (no motorcycle for me!) and hit the road. Sometimes an aimless trip, just done for the fun of it, is the antidote for real life! Your post really captures that!

    • As much as I plan my life, not always my choice, it is the unplanned that I love on trips like this. You just never know who or what you will run into. So fun!

  8. Getting a phone call like that would be so alarming!! I can imagine your panic riding all the way back to retrieve it. Thankfully there are still good people in the world!
    All in all, day 1 sounds like a great success.

    • I’ve thought many times about the panic that would have ensued if I’d figured out that my wallet was missing BEFORE I got that voicemail. The whole episode could not have gone much better!

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  10. LOL, I just noticed you still have the same tag line here in comments…sprinkling sugar liberally this morning xoxo
    I’m not realizing how friggin’ far behind I am on visiting. Geez LB, your summers been fan-flipping-fabulous and here it is Sept 1. That’s a lot of f words for one sentence and all of them are PG, LOL. Well good for you to be balancing work and play with mucho gusto. I’m glad a good samaritan was part of you journey……again, WAY more good people in this world than bad…..I knew it! xoxo ❤ K

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