Sit For a Spell

Last night, I actually did sit for a spell and visit many of your blogs (although I have many more to visit!). For now, I’m off to volunteer at a Dress for Success workday, and THEN I will attempt to work on the photos from my brewery ride last weekend.

** 36 hours / 620 miles / 3 breweries / old friends **

For now, I’ll share this image from Warrenton, VA.


Is “sit for a spell” a term that you use, or are familiar with?

15 thoughts on “Sit For a Spell

  1. I picked up the phrase while living in Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. I still use it and think it’s lovely. I’m still trying to catch up with my reading too. It’s been that kind of a summer. πŸ™‚ Relax and enjoy.

  2. I love the way you captured the shadow from the chair and the textures on the wall Laurie πŸ˜€ For a moment I thought the shutters were real and not painted on. Great image.

  3. Did I say rain today??? Hmmmmm……1.75″ in 35 minutes!!!!!! Yup!!! And that’s the 1st round for today (and it’s not done yet). I believe some stitching is in order!!!!! Looking forward to those photos!

  4. My old aunt used to say ‘Set a spell’ claiming it came from the slaves of the American South. She was very well read and I have always believed her πŸ™‚ And I am familiar with ‘sit a spell’ – it’s a small world! I love the image and love the painted shutter

  5. Haven’t heard the “sit a spell” term used in my neck of the woods… But then, we are a bit different Down Under.

    “Stop and loosen the load” on the other hand, I’ve heard a few times

  6. For a photo that looks quite straightforward at first glance, there’s a lot to look at here! The shot makes me resolve to spend some time today just sitting . . .

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