What a Ride!

It was time for a much needed getaway.  No schedule.  No appointments.


Just 36 hours through the mountains of Virginia to visit a few breweries and see some highschool friends.


The time went far too quickly, and before I knew it, I was back home and back on the job.


I’m working through the photos, and will share them soon.  Until then, I’m off to visit you!

22 thoughts on “What a Ride!

    • Thanks Joe. I’m still working on the wedding photos (making slow steady progress) and am trying to work on the brewery ride images, too. Tonight was all about visiting blogs!

    • It was so needed. Too much of my life is scheduled between patient appointments, volunteer work, and meetings. Unscheduled time is such a treat isn’t it?

    • It really could not have gone much better!
      By the way, Jim, I just tried to visit your blog to see what you’re up to, and it says “page not found”.
      All okay??

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