Cycling the Riverway

If you’ve followed along over the past (almost) four years, you know that I am devoted to my motorcycle.  Some of my favorite moments are spent exploring the countryside on my HD Softail Slim.


What you may not know is that before I fell in love with my motorized bike, I was a regular cyclist.  No, not one of those athletes that you see riding the roads in their colorful jerseys, but I’d ride 10 – 12 miles in the mornings before work, and would take an 18- 20 mile ride almost every weekend.


Sadly, over the past 7-8 yrs, I’ve averaged just 8 miles per year as an organizer of, and participant in, the Ride of Silence.

The motorcycle definitely rules my heart!

In my determination to rekindle my love with the bicycle, and to get in better shape, I was up and out early yesterday, cycling The Riverway (all images were captured with my cell phone).


The Riverway is Radford’s bikeway / walkway system.  18 years ago, a group of citizens worked to secure federal and state grant funding, which when matched by Radford’s local government, led to the development of our wonderful bikeway.  As a founding member of Pathways for Radford, it is still a thrill for me to ride on the Riverway, and to see what the City of Radford, and the Citizens of Radford accomplished together!


One of our fundraising efforts was the brick Pathways Plaza.  Several of my family members are remembered in brick, including my paternal grandparents.


Benches, situated along The Riverway, also provided fundraising opportunities.


The bikeway / walkway runs right along the New River, and is a favorite place for walkers, runners, cyclists, and dogs walking their humans.


The Riverway runs right under Main Street through this tunnel.  The approach to the Tunnel on either end is preceeded by a climb, so  the tunnel provides a chance to catch a breath!

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While I am just getting back on the bicycle, it already feels great, and I am committed to improving my health by riding at least once weekly.  I figure if I get up early enough, I’ll find time to ride both bikes each weekend 🙂

46 thoughts on “Cycling the Riverway

  1. Sounds like a great idea, Laurie! I think you will find you can get a better view of the scenery that way too. It seems to show in these photos.

    • It really is fun, and I definitely need more exerise. I’ve started a new regimen of power walking, 4 d week / yoga 2 d week / cycling 1 d. It’s only been 2 weeks but I feel more energy already.
      (by the way, all these images were taken with my cell phone)

  2. What a go LB, I’m proud of you and jealous at the same time! lol!
    Love that first pic of the two bikes, wonderful.
    Now to the jealous part…your bike paths are wonderful…I would love to live there!
    In my town they decided three years ago to improve the road and dug us some new ditches, 4 feet deep no less. To do this they narrowed the already narrow road and now walking, and biking, is a life threatening event. When we ride, it not to get in shape, its to give our guardian angels a workout. If we make it to the bike path we have moose, bear, and wolves to outrun over treacherous terrain…nothing is paved here! But then I shouldn’t complain, after all, we have the black flies to lift our spirits right out of our seats. Ya know, I’m thinking of trading in my bike for a Boss Hog….that should out run everything, eh?
    Sorry for my rant, but thanks for listening. ~ Dave
    Love your stuff!

    • I understand that rant, Dave. It is so frustrating when you can’t find a place to ride or walk.
      If you get that HOG, just let me know and we’ll ride!
      I’m reading moose and wolves and black flies … are you in the New England area?
      I used to live in Vermont, many years ago.
      (by the way, all these images were taken with my cell phone)

      • Wow, you got to hang on the that cell phone, its smokin.

        I love the New England area but I don’t live there (been to Vermont many times). Actually I’m Canadian and I live in Ontario in the Muskoka Highlands region (about 2 hours north of Toronto). Plenty of wild life up here…and some of its human, lol!

        I’d love to have a Boss Hog but I don’t think I could hold it up even though I’m 6’+. I met a guy in Atlanta who was on one and he was doing ok…with a fair bit of sweat involved. He was 6’8″ and about 250 lbs or so. It had a 350 chevy engine on it and 3 gas tanks…of course I didn’t have my camera, but it was a bute…never forgot it. I asked him if he ever dropped it? “Once,” he said but he couldn’t pick it up on his own……

        Anyway, there I go ranting again!
        Take care, ~ Dave

  3. What a beautiful place to ride and walk. I haven’t been on a bicycle in years, even though I’ve been told by doctors that it is the best exercise (that and swimming) for the knees. You’ve been busy in your community, I see. Good going!

    • Emilio, I have a good friend who switched from running to biking for that exact reason (the knee). He has ridden hundreds and hundreds of miles.
      You should try it … in the cooler months 🙂
      (by the way, all the images were taken with my cell phone)

      • The cooler months. So you’ve heard about our weather already? It started on May 31. 104. Every day so far has been over 100. Today we went out around 10 and it was already in the 90’s. Right now, at 5 pm, it is 107. Down to 104 by 8 tonight and the low will be 81 at 5 am. I think I’ll hibernate till autumn.

      • Emilio, I cannot imagine those temps! It’s been a rainy day here, today, and I’ve got the windows open, breeze blowing in, and it’s 74 inside. Truly, I’m not bragging. You and your wife just need to visit.
        Speaking of heat though, I’m heading down to Atlanta to see my son next weekend … it’s going to be waaayyyy hotter there!

      • Good luck on that trip. We saw a caravan (about 20 bikers) yesterday taking a break on the freeway under a shaded underpass. Leather has to get a bit hot in this weather!

    • It’s amazing to think that it’s been 18 years since we started the Riverway project!
      Glad you like the pictures … they were all taken with my cell)

  4. I remember the brick plaza and the walkway 🙂 It is so beautiful Laurie, you are blessed to live with so much natural beauty around you. Due to your lack of bicycling time, I bet taking part in the ride was a pain…… regular practise is required 🙂 The photos are all stunning and the last one, as Joe says, is spectacular.

    • So glad you remember the brick plaza! As I was checking it out, I was again reminded that we need to get down there and trim up the overgrown plants.
      Also glad you like the photos. I took them all with my cell phone.
      And you know, I really haven’t been sore! I’m not sure why.
      I started a new exercise regimen 2 weeks ago: power walking, 4 d week; yoga 2 d week; cycling 1 d. I feel more energy already!

    • Thank you, Maureen. Your comment, and others that are similar, are so fun. I love it when people feel as if they’ve been on the trip, too.

  5. Wow, the Riverway Bike path looks awesome. It’s such a beautiful area. Bicycling is such a wonderful way to get into shape. Have fun!

  6. You go girl! Love the awesome photos and glad to hear you’re sometimes on the type of bike you pedal. xxoo

    • The trail is only 6 miles from end to end right now. We hope to extend the trail further down the river as soon as can find more grants and matching funds.
      It really is lovely, though. It takes you along the river, through the tunnel, and through the middle of a 57 acre urban forest,

  7. I, too, used to ride my bike in a very serious, committed way, and loved it. And got away from it. Maybe reading about your new goals will light a fire under me! I love your photos–it looks like a wonderful pathway.

  8. Loving all your photo’s Laurie, it all looks very pastoral. It’s wonderful to have somewhere’s beautiful to cycle. Congrats on your initiative to include it in your week. xo ❤

    • Hey my favorite Boomdee! Believe it or not, I intened to message you this morning! Just to check in, see how you are feeling, and make sure all is well in your world. Time for a skype!

  9. Thumbs up for the new program. And just think how much easier it is to take the photos. To this eye, they are excellent, even if you would rather be using your fancy camera. The photo of the river is perfect Southeast summer. Next weekend will be here before you know it.

  10. wonderful images as always…the iPhone is handy for taking photos when the heavier traditional camera weight is not wanted! I love the first image…your two loves, the motorcycle and the bike. I used to be an avid bicycle rider up until about 10 years ago, then physical issues put a damper on that! Enjoy your time on what ever bike you chose… 😉

  11. LB, seems we’re traveling the same trail in different directions. In my past life I toured on a Harley, now it’s pedal power. To be honest, I miss the motorized version on a bright day in the country, but I love the feeling to exhaustion from a long ride. Either way, it’s all good. I don’t count out another Harley in the future, but for now I’m training. Loved your post. Here’s a story I posted a few years ago about cycling from Pittsburgh to DC via the Greater Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal

    • Your happiness was so evident in that post, Jim. Thanks so much for sharing! Just today I was reading about the C&O. I’d love to ride at least some of it. It is absolutely my goal to fit both bikes in my life. I just need more time away from the office

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