Stand Up


Amidst the sadness, the anger, and all of the awful wrongs in this world, there is still beauty to be found … in nature, in good people doing great things, and in the heroes who stand up and do what is right.


Thanks to the two heroes in California for STANDING UP!

We must all STAND UP!  I’m too angry about the injustice to write more right now, nor am I eloquent enough to do so ever.  But I will keep standing up and trying to do right.

17 thoughts on “Stand Up

    • Aren’t they though? I walk by them every morning on my way into the office, and they always make me stop and breathe for just a moment.

    • Thank goodness for the good things. I walk by these flowers every morning on the way into the office and on the way out every evening, and I always stop for just a moment and breathe.

  1. If any good has come from the awful miscarriage of justice you make reference to, it’s that it has prompted great eloquence from the victim and from many others.

    • You are so right, Kerry, and I think that is part of what made this hardly atypical situation stand out: the victim’s powerful letter as opposed to the words of the judge, father, friend, and probabation officer.

  2. With all the sadness, anger and injustice in the world we must find our little pleasures…it is what allows us to carry on! Gorgeous photos…love Daylilies, I had then at my past home…even if they are orange… 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this link, Laurie. I’ve followed the story and all the off-shoots all week, but I had not seen anything about the two students that intervened. I left a comment on the link.

    I’ll be in the stands tomorrow, watching my nephew graduate from Stanford. It all hits so close to home. I’m also remembering all the women I’ve known over the years who’ve been assaulted and victimized, yet never saw justice, never saw the perpetrator arrested or convicted. One of them endured her assault in a college dorm shower; another raped by a stranger in her own home when she forgot to lock her front door. You learn to move on from it, but you never get over it. It’s good to see the lights glaring down on this horrific act of violence and those who perpetrate it again and again.

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