After the Shoveling


By the time these images post, the snow will be gone and the East Coast will have moved on to the next big story.  Thanks for checking in this week.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my #JonasBlizzard2016 images.  And remember! I’d love to see yours, so please share a link!

_MG_0290 - Copy

Why the VT cup?  Much hydration is needed when shoveling a long, steep driveway, and I just liked the way the cup looked in the snow.


8 thoughts on “After the Shoveling

  1. You are one tough cookie, drinking ice water in the snow!!! Wowsers! I love your woods shot and the pinwheel as well. It ain’t all melted here! I have a suspicion that it’s going to be around for a while, unless we get a slow steady warm rain….But the roads are clear, so you can take the bike back out!

    • We’ve still got about 5 inches on thevground, but yes, the roads are perfectly clear. Maybe this week, the opportunity for a ride will present itself …

  2. I do miss the snow, a little. You have some stunning photos. I remember putting bottles of wine out in the snow to keep chilled as well as other things. Very handy. Love the whirlygig casting a shadow.

  3. I love my Tervis tumbler with the purple A. It’s full of great memories, when it’s not full of water. 😉

    What a lot of work shoveling all that snow. I’ve seen your driveway, and know that you got an amazing workout. I bet all your lakes and creeks are nice and full of melted snow. Ah….

    I miss you, Laurie.

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