There and Back


The five days spent on the Outer Banks was, as you might expect, perfectly wonderful!  For those not familiar, the Outer Banks is a 200-mile (320-km) long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.

Outer Banks

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Each year, the GOAs (Girls of August) reunite for food, fun, and fabulous times, and this year our destination was Nags Head.

The 420 mile ride to the beach took me through the small town of Warrenton, NC, where, once they recovered from the shock of “it’s a girl under that helmet”, they pumped my gas for me.



I rode through rain for some of the trip (check out this blog post to read about riding in the dark), but it felt so good to be on the bike for a good, long ride that I didn’t even care.  It also felt great to be able to have time to use my camera once I arrived.

_MG_7076-2 _MG_7038 _MG_7195

One of the reasons that I have always loved the Outer Banks is because it is a more low key, less developed beach community.  It is more about the ocean, the wildlife, and nature, and less about shopping and dining out (although you can find that, too, no doubt!)


Clearly, I need to purchase another lens (AFTER the election), but I very much enjoyed seeing this pod of dophins.


Each morning, after coffee and breakfast, we’d load up the cooler and head to the beach.  What a treat to put my chair right in the surf, and read my book (the first since starting the campaign!) with cold beverage in hand.

_MG_7360 IMG_7161 IMG_7187

It wasn’t until the last day that we saw a few drops of rain, which of course allowed us to have fun playing Rummy and Charades.


The view of the sunset over the Roanoke Sound was pretty even with the power line.


Despite starting for home in the rain, once the sun came out I enjoyed the colors along the way.

20150808_130307 IMG_7398


After 30 weeks on the campaign trail, this short visit with dear friends was just the breather that I needed.

I’m so glad that I was able to find a moment to write a post.  With any spare time that I have this week, my goal is to visit all of you!

40 thoughts on “There and Back

    • Edith, it is so good to hear from you! The campaign schedule is keeping me from visiting other blogs much, but I’m determined to visit soon! Hopefully this weekend.

  1. Laurie, I’m so glad you had time on your beloved bike and to enjoy special time with friends. Add to that your wonderful photos, and I’m just sitting here smiling for you 🙂 I especially love your water shots – gorgeous, all!!! Thanks for the mini-vacation. Someday I hope to make it down to the Outer Banks!

    • Thanks Stacy! I do hope you have the opportunity to get to OBX. It really is all that I need in terms of the ocean.
      I’m hoping to squeeze in time this weekend to visit your blog, among others!

    • Hello Mary! Thanks so much for visiting! I’m hoping to find a few minutes to visit your blog, and others, this coming weekend! Hope all is well in your world

  2. Outer Banks looks like a wonderful spot to stop & take a breath. I can hear the waves crashing in when I look through your beautiful photos.

  3. That looks like a most intriguing destination to me – and I see your colours are just beginning to turn…… as spring ramps up for me, you must begin to think of shorter day and cooling weather. Which is not all bad, for it means due date is coming closer and closer 🙂 Barely two months to go ……. I’m so glad you had a wonderful breather with your long time gal pals and a delicious long ride on that lovely red beastie. Fuel for the soul as you continue on to the finish line 🙂 I do so wish you could hop on that red bike and come down here – imagine the fun you could have riding the length of this long thin land with me and Siddy on the back 🙂 [What a thought! 😀 ]

    • Oh my gosh, I’d love to ride in your world! Would’t that be amazing?
      Yes, I am definitely in the 3rd trimester … 62 days to go! What a ride it has been (no pun intended).
      I’m excited for your springtime and being able to get out, take some lovely walks, and do some deep breathing. Thanks for your constant support! XO

    • Hello Lisa! Thanks so much for your visit and comment! I hope all is well with you … I’m hoping to find time away from the campaign this weekend to visit your blog, and others!

  4. Wonderful images Laurie and I’m glad you took the time to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak. I seem to remember when you first transitioned from a “bridge” camera to a DSLR. You hated it and thought you had made a mistake. What do you think now ? I think it was a great move 🙂

  5. Laurie, you are rich in friends and experiences. You live your life to the fullest and it pours out of every photo and post. Loved the one of the leaves turning color and that glorious sunset. It’s so restorative spending time in nature, be it the woods, the ocean or the open east coast roads. I’m pining for a return visit soon.

    • So glad you enjoyed these, Alys. I’m so sad that I haven’t had time to visit your blog (and everyone elses!). It’s a weekend goal, always, but I just can’t seem to fit it in with all the campaign activities. 3 day weekend coming up … fingers crossed! Thanks for being a constant support!

      • Laurie, please don’t feel bad. That’s wasted energy. We’re all here and rooting for you. Your life is full. Blogs don’t expire, so everyone you’re missing will be there when you return. xox

  6. You needed that! It seems like the Outer Banks gave you everything you could hope for, with friends, a long road to ride, beach, ocean, etc. etc. You sound refreshed–only a couple months to go!

  7. I especially love this post ~ the beach and all. The OBX tumblers made me smile. When we returned from Colorado and were driving home from the airport, my daughter spotted an OBX sticker on a car and said “We’re definitely back in NoVA”.

    • The tumblers caught my eye too, and I thought: “That must be Laurie’s on the left. I know she’s a thirsty one!” ha ha. It’s neat how local slang pops up, like OBX. Here in Oregon we love our PDX (Portland).

  8. Very awesome photos here, LB. The second beach one is gorgeous with that yellow and grey sand and the blues of the water. It’s like two photos: blue on top, gold on bottom. The one right below it I love too, because the water looks chocolatey to match the sand. I really like the crop of tall green plants too. What are those? Your photography is so good you make a crop of identical plants look artistic. And of course, the vine on the fence at the bottom is a stunner.

  9. That looks so cool from the air. I’d like it there too. Great shots of the waves rolling and I also love the arched and mullioned window of that shop. What does OBX stand for? I love to have one of those really short beach chairs and burying my feet in sand. Oh man, I love being at the ocean. You had that whole beach to yourselves too, awesome. Did you ever see that movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicolson called Somethings Gotta Give? She had this amazing house on the ocean. I loved everything about it. The furniture, the style and the beach. Check it out here:

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