Blow It Up!


While on the campaign trail this past weekend, I arrived at the Prices Fork Fair just in time to see the Bubble Gum Blowing Contest.

I hope to be back here later this week to finally share some photos from the beach, and to pay a visit to you!

25 thoughts on “Blow It Up!

  1. A past time that has gone by the way side because of ????? Sugar/teeth concerns?? Too passe?? For whatever reason, I just don’t see this much, except in the really young age kids. Great photo!!!

    • Thanks Doreen! It was really fun to watch. Of course, the kids had to be given ample time to soften the gum and get it ready for blowing bubbles. So good to hear from you! I’ve been struggling to keep up with blogs while in the midst of the campaign. 70 days to go!!

      • It has been a “struggle” for me, also! Summers are busy anyway and then add “life” to the mix!!!!! Time is flying by for you!!!! Keep us posted……..hugs always….

  2. You caught it so well here! Great framing and timing on the bubbling. This shot would easily fit into a glossy magazine. It makes me pretty happy to know that there are still bubble-blowing contests. The dumb stuff that used to entertain me can still be pretty fun, ha ha.

    • It really was fun, Crystal! I kept my camera ready, hoping to get all 5 with a bubble at one time … no such luck, but it was a fun to watch.

    • Yes!! That happened in this contest, too. It took them a good bit of chewing to get the gum soft enough to blow bubbles with 🙂

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