21 Gun Salute

Participation on Radford’s Annual Memorial Day Service committee is one of my most favorite volunteer duties.  Working with veterans and other civic minded folks is a great reminder that Memorial Day is more than cookouts and blockbuster sales.

Don’t get me wrong … I do love a cook out!  Volunteer service on this committee however assures me that each year, I spend a few hours on the last Monday in May remembering the men and women who have died in military service.

Towards the end of the program, a 21 Gun Salute is provided by the Veterans of VFW Post 776.

_MG_4911 _MG_4920 _MG_4999

In this next image, you can see the spent shells in the air after being fired.


More to come from Radford’s Annual Memorial Day Service.



28 thoughts on “21 Gun Salute

    • You are way too kind! I’ll tell you, it truly is an honor to be a part of this committee. My son and I started attending this ceremony when we moved to the area. I joined the committee because I wanted to help get the word out to the younger generations … to get the HS Band and Choir involved, to advertise electronically … so that it’s not just those over 50 who are remembering.

      • Yes! I keep trying to work on the younger generation, it seems in some cases, the school systems fall short of teaching all the history.

    • Thanks Mike! What’s funny is that I was thinking I was going to get the red flare from the shot (I don’t know what that’s called). While I didn’t capture that, I was so happy to get the shells flying!

    • Yes … we have turned this day into something more than what it is. I mean, I do enjoy a 3 day weekend, and time with friends, but I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to particpate in this event.

    • Thanks Joe! I commented to Mike that I was thinking I was going to get the red flare from the shot (I don’t know what that’s called). While I didn’t capture that, I was so happy to get the shells flying!

  1. Those gun salutes (along with the bugle ‘Taps’) is a heartrending reminder of the price paid/being paid that we might have such gatherings!!!!!! Thank you for your willingness to give of your time, also. Hugs………….

  2. Terrific photo’s LB. Especially the one with the white gloves. The one with the spent shells in the air is really awesome too. You’re camera is great catching action. Are you feeling pretty confident with it? Your photo’s have been really brilliant xoxo

    • When I get a minute, I’ll share a photo of the bugler’s gloved hands and the bugler. I took that last year … maybe something to post near Veteran’s Day. Thanks for prompting that idea 🙂

  3. Well done LB, and an excellent reminder for all. Honestly, as an “over-50” myself I can remember when life was all about me in my younger days, and I recognize that as a young person there’s very little understanding of death and sacrifice. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Now the 20 and 30 somethings, let’s hope they are a bit more focused! Photos are terrific this week!

    • Tina, you are so right about age and understanding … the reality of war and death weighs heavily and it is nice to not have to bear that burden at a young age.

  4. Great tribute and wonderful photos, LB. I hope you don’t mind, but I stole one of your pictures for a blog I posted today. I linked it to your blog, hopefully a few readers will click it and come on over and read your great blog!

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