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For over 15 years, the group Pathways for Radford (PFR – find us on Facebook!) has been working with the City of Radford to promote the development, maintenance, and enhancement of a network of bikeways, walkways, greenways, and trails.  Through both mental labor (grant writing, committee work, and fundraising) and physical labor (trail building & maintenance, river clean up, construction of various structures), the group of citizens have helped to create a 3.5 mile paved bikeway / walkway system called The Riverway, much of which runs adjacent to The New River.


The Riverway also runs through Wildwood Park, a 57 acre urban forest which has been designated a Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail and is an ideal place for hiking, wildflower identification, and because of it’s easy access and nearby location, is used as an outdoor biology lab by the school age and college students.

In honor of Earth Day, members and friends of PFR met to plant several Redbud trees.  We’ve planted many trees through the years and it is always a time of fellowship and fun while at the same time doing good for the City and for Mother Earth.

The Trees Arrive!


The unloading and planting begins,

_MG_3762 _MG_3761 _MG_3756

followed by the watering.

_MG_3793 _MG_3799

We admire the beauty of the trees,

_MG_3778 _MG_3795

the satisfaction of a job well done, and a community of friends.



 Happy Earth Day!

34 thoughts on “Redbud Community

  1. We love the Redbud trees here! Such a beautiful tree in bloom, and the heart-shaped leaves are unusual. We have the purple leaf redbuds along our driveway.

    • They make any road prettier because they are always on the edge of the woods. Truly a sign of spring! I was surprised with the number of people who had not heard of this type of tree … they are so common here in SW Virginia.

    • I wish you could drive the roads around here. The edges of the woods are lined with natural Redbud and Dogwood … purple and white everywhere. Just gorgeous! The photos in this post do them no justice!

    • Elina, had you heard of Redbud trees? I’m so used to seeing them as the start of spring that I assumed that they were much more common.

      • No I hadn’t heard of Redbud trees. I believe we don’t have them here in Europe. But they remind me of cherry trees which are in bloom now here. 🙂

  2. love, love, love, so much to love here. not just the trees but the community coming together on a beautifucation project that will be loved and honored for generations. such a sap for these pieces, xo LMA

    • You are so right about community. I moved to this little city 17 years ago and immediately got involved in the bikeway / walkway effort. The friends I met those many years ago are some of my best friends now.
      so glad you enjoyed this post!

    • I really tried to capture the older trees along the Pathway but the light was so bright that morning. You are so right though … the Redbud line the roads around here, backroads and highways, and it’s so beautiful. A real sign that spring is here!

  3. I do not know these trees – I thought they were what we call flowering cherries. They are very pretty! Your community activity is wonderful, so good to see citizens giving back isn’t it! The Riverway walkway is beautiful!

    • The Redbud is very common in this area, and the scientific name is Cercis. Aren’t they just beautiful?
      We are so very proud of our bikeway / walkway. The City has even won awards for it. Truly a jewel in our city.

      • I googled ‘cercis’ Laurie and found it here known primarily as ‘The Judas Tree’ [ Why I don’t know]
        Maybe that is why it looked so familiar to me – they are gorgeous trees and I have always thought we needed more of them -but they are not native and therefore are planted only in private gardens.

        I think you have every right to be proud of your walkway – it looks so inviting!

    • Thank you, Heather … the trees are so beautiful and line many of the roads in our part of the state. I planted one in my back yard a few years ago, and I just love it!

  4. What a fabulous community group you are a big part of, LB. Planting trees is such an honourable thing to do – and such beautiful trees, too! No wonder the City has won awards for the stunning bikeway/walkway. Such a feel-good story! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • Thank you, Dani. It’s been one of the best things that I’ve been a part of. Someday when you come to the States, I’ll show you around 🙂

  5. Is there anything more beautiful than a rosebud? What a great program and worthy cause. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day. Great post, LB!

  6. I love the trees, but more importantly, I love that you’ve taken such an interest in beautifying your community for all. Really impressive, Laurie.

    Great pictures as always. I especially like the last one with folks walking away on the trail. ♥

  7. You are so involved in your community, I really admire this Laurie. What a gorgeous resource to have at your doorstep and it’s awesome to have these Redbuds to enjoy every spring in the park too. Loved all the photo’s too. Only you could take hard labour and make it look so picturesque 😀

    • Aw, thanks! We’ve often talked about how much fun we have together and that we should all work together in each other’s yards to make the work more fun!. This group of citizens met 17 years ago and while working together, have become great friends.

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