Hangin’ Around


The campaign trail is going to challenge me to find time with my camera. Thankfully, I always have it with me.

32 thoughts on “Hangin’ Around

    • Mae, I’ll still be working full time while running for Delegate. This will challenge all my abilities to multitask but I’m ready! Maybe all the door knocking will get some weight off 🙂

  1. Beautiful image Laurie 🙂 I wish I had the energy you have with all of your activities. I’m out of breath just keeping up with my blogs.

  2. Everyone else already has the right comments. This simple leaf just glows like its own little sun there, suspended in blue. So lovely. Ms. Laurie, I wish you well on your campaign. I know it will take you away from us a bit, but I have faith that you’ll still be just as close as always, and we’ll be thinking of each other, even if the posts aren’t as frequent. (Your camera might appreciate the vacation. I’ll bet it’s smoking by the end of each day usually.)

  3. Do you ever go anywhere without your camera? I can’t imagine it, well, OK, there is the shower. 😉 Wherever you are you will find something of interest to share with us.

    Congratulations on your decision, and I wish ever good thing for you this year.

      • Lynda, I rarely go anywhere without it 🙂
        In fact, I dropped off my shoes at the cobbler and went back outside to get my camera so I could photograph all the shoes on the shelves!
        And I hear you on the fences!!

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