The event was a success and the monies will help many in our community.

Children, the elderly, the hungry, the abused, and those without homes.


The future is a teeny bit brighter for them.


57 thoughts on “Brighter

      • Those were the words that immediately came to me when I brought up your site. In the short time I’ve been your friend, I have seen a forward movement in the artistic quality of your photos!! As I’m not any type of an avid/pro photographer, I cannot speak to the technical aspects, but I can say (as a professional “viewer”) that your skills are “art”!! Hugs………

    • Thank you, Stacy! The event is one where women gather, and donate whatever spare cash they have. The money is pooled together and we elect that evening, the recipients of the money. IT’s all done anonymously. I can tell you that because you don;t live in my community 🙂 This was our 10th year and our largest amount of money. My theme is “the power of women giving anonymously” and also “the best cocktail party with a purpose 🙂

  1. It is good that those who are in pain are cared for, especially at this time of the year. I still wish it wasn’t necessary though, I always feel sad about that. The photos are the epitome of Christmas and you in the red ball is so perfect – it’s a seasonal partner to that shot with you reflected in the window from way back ……. ❤

    • you have such a good memory, Pauline!
      and I forgot to say that we donated money to the Humane Society,too, so we did not forget our furry friends!
      By the way … special email coming to you soon!

    • Yes! It’s an annual gathering of women who donate whatever spare cash they have and collectively give it away. I forgot to say that this year we remembered the Humane Society, too!

  2. The first photo is CHRISTMAS! Love those berries, and what a lovely decorating idea. Your self-portrait in the ball made me smile. Thank you for the work you do every day and for the time you gave in this fundraiser. (maybe they can use your photos for future promotions, too)

    • You know, Crystal, that is a great idea (to use the photo for promotions). I do all of the promoting and I’ll remember this for next year! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Thank you, Laurie! It took me a couple shots to get that sparkle and color, but I loved the result. NOW – to put some of that color and sparkle in my home! The travels are over for a bit and I can focus on putting my house to rights after this fundraiser and putting up a bit of holiday color and lights!

  3. gorgeous, so festive Laurie! You have such a wonderful way with your camera! you see things that I often miss…thank you for reminding me to take in the view…

  4. The shot is not unlike yourself LB. A self portrait in a way. You sparkle and shine in the most natural way. It doesn’t seem like you’d be a girly girl, but I think you light up a room just as bright as this festive vignette. xo k

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