Kindness in the WordPress World

The great wide world of WordPress is filled with talented, creative people.


Some put words to paper that inspire me, make me think, and bring a tear to the eye.  Others fill my screen with photographic images that are so visionary and incredible that I exclaim out loud.  History and humor are found here, too, as are recipes, travel tips, gardening ideas, and of course, motorcycles!


And then there are the crafty ones.


The ones who spend hours using their creative spirits and their hands to make items that have the rest of us wondering how they do it.  The quilters, painters, scrapbookers, knitters, crocheters, candymakers, and artists of every sort.


Since beginning my blogging journey with WP, I’ve been blessed to be the recipient of valuable friendships, and gifts of photography, handmade cards, folded books, t-shirts, and most recently a chrocheted bunting, which arrived all the way from Australia!  Incredible! How on earth did Dani from Teddy and Tottie find the time to make so many festive buntings and then to mail them to friends all over the world?


 How did she know that, because of family, work, and civic commitments, I have not yet put even one Christmas decoration out?  How did she know that her gift of time and kindness would be so welcome in my home.


Thank you, Dani.  You are, in addition to being talented, a kind and generous woman.


These gifts, and the people who make them, inspire me to up my game!  I frequently read blog updates where one blogger is sending gifts to another.  Their planning and organization is impressive; the generosity incredible. You all know who you are.

You inspire me.