How wonderful to have a photo of me on my bike serve as an illustration in a blog post. Please visit Meditation Travelogue to view the photos and read the thoughts from Noelle. Her blog is a lovely place to visit.

Meditation Travelogue

Photo by Laurie Buchwald from http://lifeonthebikeandotherfabthings.com Photo by Laurie Buchwald from http://lifeonthebikeandotherfabthings.com

On the soul highway it doesn’t matter if you’re souped up on a Harley or riding a tricycle. Speed is not determined by the vehicle, but rather the clarity in vision of the driver.

Thank you Laurie Buchald for the great Harley shot. If you’d like to see some other great photography from her travels on her bike please visit her blog at http://lifeonthebikeandotherfabthings.com

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14 thoughts on “Harley

    • You are so right! How many times do we bring the camera to an event and never get in the shot. In fact, we realized that since I manage the FB page for my practice, and take all of the photos, I am never in the shots. My patients must think I’m never there 🙂
      Thank you for this comment, Crystal … I do love the heading down the road part and am so glad my friend captured it.

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