Hello from the very rainy Commonwealth of Virginia!


I’m back from vacation, during which I saw very little sun, but had a wonderful time!  Luckily, I only rode in about 6 hours of rain, 2 of which were the final hours before arriving home.  If you were to visit me right now, you would see drying bike gear everywhere!

I’m anxious to catch up with your blogs and plan to visit within the next 24 hours!  And of course, soon I’ll be sharing photos and notes from my travels.  I’ll hope that some of our rain pushes west in order to provide relief to the draught stricken!

37 thoughts on “Home!

    • Somehow I got behind on replying to comments! Perhaps it’s the getting back to work after vacation 🙂 Either way, thank you so much for your kind comment and good thoughts.

  1. Glad you’re safe and sound! Your hopes have landed on good ears. We fell asleep to the sound of rain last night. Today looks like we could get another sprinkle or two! Can’t wait for those photos!

    • Somehow I got behind on replying to comments! Perhaps it’s the getting back to work after vacation. I’m very slowly working through the photos … thanks for your good thoughts about my safe arrival home!!

    • You are so right! Riding wet is definitely better than working.
      Once you’re wet, you’re wet and it doesn’t really matter. It was a great ride!

    • Thank you and glad you like this one. I was hoping that people would be able to figure out that it was the face shield on my helmet.
      I was wet but happy!

  2. The joy of arriving home is followed quickly by the responsibility of unpacking and drying everything out. I’m so glad you had such a good time and added all those happy memories to the pile of reminiscences.

    • Crystal, you should have seen my house … wet bike gear hanging everywhere! What a hoot!
      I still haven’t put it all away 🙂 but I’ll get there!

  3. well, it looks like missed a great deal in the past little while…great photos, all of them! Don’t you find it a bit sad arriving home after a wonderful vacation? Sort of bitter sweet…I look forward to seeing your travel photos…I know they will bet wonderful!

    • Yes! It is a wet face shield! So glad you could tell that. I wanted to somehow share the wetness of the day … yet still reflect my happiness with the ride!
      Thanks for the welcome home greetings!

  4. Hello from Victoria BC. What’s up with the weather? Doesn’t mother nature know not to mess with LB? So happy you got home safely! Another excellent adventure under your belt. Maybe I shall notch the bedpost in celebration and solidarity. I’m sure the lovely folks here at the Coast Hotel wouldn’t mind (much). It actually rained here today too, but Alys enjoyed it and I enjoy being with her, so it’s all good. xoxoxox Cheers (since I know you probably have a glass of wine in your cute little hands) 😀

    • Hello! are you home safe and sound now, too?
      I’m so very glad that you had such a wonderful trip!! The rain certainly isn’t always optimal but I had such a wonderful trip and even more, it felt so good to have that first post-wreck ride be a safe one.
      I loved seeing all your photos. I really hope to get to Victoria some day.

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