300 Miles for A Cold One

The text came in on Saturday night. “Meeting at 9am for a ride to Devils Backbone Brewery.  It’ll be an all dayer”


It was indeed an all dayer, with enough stops along the way to see the big perspective …

_MG_6314 _MG_6319

… and the small.

_MG_6316 _MG_6323

While the ride is the reason, this day’s destination was pretty great.


Devils Backbone Brewery, established in 2008, is an award winning craft brewpub in Virginia.  There’s nothing like pulling up, all hot and dusty, knowing that inside awaits a cold beer and a delicious plate of Fish and Chips.


Quite simply, a wonderful day … on and off the bike!


If you’re in the area, be sure to stop in.  Joe, that means you, too! It’s well worth the visit.

48 thoughts on “300 Miles for A Cold One

  1. Great post and photos Laurie and as you already now I occasionally indulge in some Microbrewery tours. I have one question though, how was the beer ? 🙂

    • As I do know how you love a microbrew, I actually meant to mention you in the post! Editing now …
      The beer was great. I love their Vienna Lager; my friends enjoyed the Peach Lager.

      • I’m more of a Lager person myself as a matter of fact one of my favorites is Blue Point Toasted Lager. Their Microbrewery is about 18 miles away right here on Long Island. They also make a Blueberry Ale which smells wonderful but I’m not much for fruit in my beer. Whats great about Blue Point is they sell what they call Growlers, which are equivalent to about a six pack in one big glass bottle. When they are empty you just bring them back for a refill. I just wish I lived closer to my other buddy Sam Adams, LOL.

    • Thanks Ron! The lighting was very challenging at that point … I’m glad you like it because I really had to work to get it where it is. The story though? Yes indeed! And all of the riders have a part in it!

  2. well, timez like dat are times i wish i drank, but really now i can’t i know better, i ‘ll jest wanna drink more an more is all, so i’ll have a bowl of strawberry kush instead 🙂 lol. kewl ryde ,,,an keep on rydin’ safe Q

  3. You really are ‘back on the bike’! Congratulations – I bet it feels super great and free too! I think it is a wonderful thing to travel 300 miles for a beer AND fish’n’chips. [I didn’t know that taste delight had infiltrated the US too!] I love the last photo of the red impatiens – that is a plant that I love to have around, so bright and cheerful and easy to grow 🙂 I also love the Monet-like fourth photo of the water – lookit all the colours in there – sqeeeee!! 🙂

    • It’s funny about those Fish and Chips … this restaurant is in the mountains of Virginia. Not your first place to think of fish. Last year when we went, a friend ordered the Fish and Chips, while I ordered something else. I’d been dreaming about that meal for a year 🙂 Yum!!
      I’m so glad you liked the photo of the water … It really struck me, too!

  4. Love that first shot of the bikes. And I’ll tell you, if the only way I could have fish and chips and a cold beer was to get on a bike again, I just might do it!

    • Thank you Klaudia. I wish I’d had a helmet cam … you should have seen the varied colors of green that I saw riding down those forest roads. So lush

  5. Love these photos, as always. It’s nice to see the world through your particular perspective. This post makes me wish I liked beer. Maybe I should try more microbrews . . . 🙂

    P.S. Who IS Boomdee?

    • Microbrews are a whole ‘nother thing from domestic beers and there are so many varieties! Go to a tasting one time and see what you think. If you still don’t like it, well we can always meet for wine, water, or whatever else is available!
      So Boomdee is anothe blogger who has become a good friend. Somehow I have become connected to all of these very crafty people (sort of like I am connected to some great writers / poets like you). I may not be able to craft (or write) but I sure do recognize the talents in others!


  6. It’s so cool how you can be so spontaneous with your bike and just go for a day! Nice captures along your route…and the beer looks delicious!

    • Thanks Robyn. The toughest part to a 300 mile ride is somehow getting the weekend chores done! In order to spend 9 hours on the bike, I have to get up early and go to bed late. How will the dishes, and laundry get done and the trash taken out? 🙂
      It’s all worth it though to be, as you said, spontaneous and just ride!

    • Glad to have you along, Alys 🙂
      It’s funny, until you mentioned the color of the beer, I hadn’t thought about it. Good eye! It definitely has a reddish hue, but not this much of one! Sure tastes yummy though!

  7. Ooh..beer and fish and chips! best ever!

    lovely way to end a ride.

    Btw the fourth picture of the plant in the water reminds me of a Monet painting.. Is it just me? beautiful!

    • You are not the only one who mentioned Monet and I’m glad people think so. I was happy with how that image turned out.
      In terms of those Fish & Chips: a friend ordered that a year ago when we went, and I’d been wanting it ever since. It did not disappoint! 🙂

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