These Boots …

…represent so much of me.

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… were made for fighting wildland fires, and I wore them while battling the flames in Idaho over 30 years ago.  Now, they serve to protect me while riding the bike.  They’re just boots.  Worn, scarred, dusty, and bearing remnants of fire retardant still … but they are precious to me.

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14 thoughts on “These Boots …

    • You are so right … good boots are critical. I’m so glad I was able to ressurrect these fire boots and give them another life.

  1. I can relate to lovin’ a pair of good boots! I kept my combat boots polished all these years, till my daughter began wearing them to school. My favourite cowboy boots now are the ones my mom always wore, and I took them when she died. And on my mind this morning: my high, leather, waterproofed backpacking boots I’ve been wearing for a decade. Heading into the wilderness tomorrow morning with a great pair of boots as companions.

  2. LB,

    LOVE those boots, my riding sister. That’s a great photo of them. Worn, full-of-character, and comfy boots are essential to biker safety, yes, but as you know, they create the perfect road map to the journey we’ve taken over the years. Yours are no exception and are beyond awesome.

    I recently bought a new pair of Harley boots that rub my right heel raw every time I wear them, which at 180 dollars for the boots is beyond depressing to me. I often go back to my completely beat-up, scraped, and falling-apart boots because I just don’t want to deal with the pain of the new boots. I’m glad that I kept my old pair. 🙂 Hugs to you, sis.

    • What a bummer about the new boots! Especially because it takes alot for us to give up on an old pair. To finally admit it is time to move on and to have the new ones not work out … ugh! So yes! Thank goodness you kept the old ones.
      So good to hear from you!!

      • Hey, LB-girl!

        Guess what? I ordered another pair that is identical to the first pair that I had for a solid five years. I will sell the pair that doesn’t work for me through a biker gear site on Facebook.

        Harley boots are hard for me because my foot is between sizes. It turns out that the pair hurting me are slightly too large and my foot raises up with each step. Even when I wear thick socks (which is truly awful in summer, but what can you do), the circumference of my foot is just too small and no matter how tight I do the laces, it doesn’t work.

        So, I have to move on. I’ll lose money on them. But, oh well. A bit of money is not an excuse for being uncomfortable.

        Ride on, sis. And, come over here. We would have a BLAST together on these desert roads. I could show you some very, very cool stuff. 🙂

  3. great boots. There’s nothing like a good pair of boots – the one type of shoe with “best bud” written all over them. I loved my Navy boots 🙂

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