And So It Shall Remain …

Every now and then, the image looks best straight out of the camera.


And so it shall remain …

40 thoughts on “And So It Shall Remain …

    • Hello! Thanks so much for the great comment on the picture AND for following my blog! I look forward to checking yours out 🙂

  1. In my humble opinion you and your camera have just captured the very essence of a poppy! The colour, the texture, the waxy sheen the delicacy – all there in one spot on shot!! I can actually feel those petals beneath my fingers just by looking at the photo – isn’t that amazing!!

    PS It could be another flower whose name eludes me at the moment – I want to say calendula, but that is not right either – and not a poppy, but until you correct me I’ll stick with that 🙂

  2. You got that right LB. Your skills for clarity and lighting are are head turning. I mean, my gosh, look at that! Wouldn’t that make a great painting?

    I used to grow poppies at the lake. Giant Orange and a light pink. They easily self sowed if you let them go to seed. I typically deadheaded quickly. That helps the energy stay with the plant for the next growing season. If you like the random, natural look, you’d love them. They’re super easy. Have a great weekend Laurie!

    • Good to know, Boomdee! I do like the random, natural, less than groomed look. I’ll definitely look into planting some. Thanks!

    • So good to hear from you! Thanks and I hope all is well with you. I know you are busy with telling the stories in history

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