This post was privately published April 17th

The day was predicted to be beautiful and at almost 6 months out, the time seemed to be right.  Physical and emotional recovery are not yet done.  Several procedures are in the future and the tears still flow occaisionally during anxious moments.

But the time seemed right and I NEEDED to see if I could do it.


My friend Ruth went to the HD store with me.  The folks who work at the store have all become friends and each and every one asked how my recovery was going.  Jay arranged to have the bike brought in from another location and put it behind the store so I could make my first attempt at riding in private.


I took one look at the bike and felt the tears come, something that happens all too often these days.  I wiped my eyes, sat on the bike, and hit the start button.  After a few deep breaths and I was off.


It just felt right!  When the time is right, I’ll be riding again!

For the observant out there: I have promised to wear a full face helmet and I will keep that promise.  This helmet is a loaner.  Also, the photo was taken in a parking lot, hence the fist pump.

65 thoughts on “Done!

  1. This is awesome… So proud of you and it makes me smile knowing that the dealership has some great people there. I too, work at a Harley-Davidson dealership and we have these great relationships with our customers. We see the highs and lows and we know how emotional and important their motorcycles can be. Love the fist-pump!

  2. Tears here, too!!! I am so happy for you and feel the exhilaration you must have experienced! Although my bike “mishaps” are very pale in comparison to your accident, getting back in the saddle was a “must” but the first seconds of that first time after was extremely challenging mentally. Luv ya, biker sis!!!!!! Hugs………..

  3. That Boomdee….

    I’m happy to hear about the face helmet. What an emotional and physical time you’ve been through. You maintain your wonderful sense of humour. I’m rooting for you, LB.

  4. So very happy for you! It’s always hard to ‘bounce back’ but you did it. And in style! You go girl. One of these days we will see each other on the road!
    Until then travel safe ~ ride well!

  5. So happy for you LB, I know this is the first step to many and it took a lot of courage. You are one strong woman…..Happy about the face helmet…be safe…..and always enjoy! 🙂

  6. I was glad to be there, but didn’t realize we were going to be doing something so momentous! I thought we were just looking at bikes. Memorable morning!

  7. Congrats on getting over the first hump! Your bike is beautiful and I’m so happy to know you’ll be wearing full helmet! I see so many bikers riding without helmets and it just makes me so nervous! All the best for a continued recovery!

  8. I can only imagine the trepidation is overwhelming and I’m really happy to see you smiling on a bike. I’m also relieved that you’ll choose a different helmet. You’ve had a horrible experience, filled with pain and anguish that will still affect you but not *define* you. When you do what makes you happiest, all will fall into place at the right moments. Over the moon for your physical and spiritual accomplishments LB. Keep on, keeping on xoxok

    • Aw you make me smile! Can’t wait to meet you “for reals” someday and hug your neck! (that’s a local term … is that used where you are, too?)

      • Wicked awesome, your smiles shall sustain me until I cash in on that. Sadly, we don’t use that term, but we right well should. So I will start the trend 😀 Love you girl xK

    • It’s funny … I knew I wanted to ride again, but I was still nervous and emotional. Felt much better getting over that hurdle!

  9. I am so proud and happy for you. The bike is beautiful and the red won’t be missed by other drivers…. I’m applauding your courage in leaving the accident behind you!

    • Thank you, Mae. and because I promised family and friends, I just purchased a full face helmet. I feel kind of like a storm trooper in it (it’s so big!!), but a promise is a promise!

  10. Awesome!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you. And that first step is also the toughest. Keep it up now!

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