In Deb’s Backyard: Sunflowers!

Another fun flower from Deb’s backyard, taken during a wonderful afternoon.  Don’t you just love a sunflower?

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Deb’s Calla Lily

A last minute gathering in a friend’s backyard led to awesome food, “local” drink (if you get my meaning), a fire in the pit, lots of singing and laughing, and the enjoyment of beautiful flowers.


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Practicing Macro on the Signs of Spring

I love all seasons and types of weather – seriously!

If you follow my blog at all, you’ve heard me express joy for rain, ice, snow and wind, as well as sun and the beauty of fall.

What I particularly love about a seasonal change is that a new season starts arriving right when you are tired of the one you are currently experiencing (obviously, I would not be a good one for living in a southern locality).

Yesterday, I posted pictures of ice … today it’s about the signs of spring … and a few minutes practicing in the macro setting!