Is it REALLY Here?

As a woman who embraces all seasons (yes – even winter), I have none the less been ready for spring.  After snow and 20 degree temperatures last week, Spring may finally have arrived in Southwest Virginia this week.  Hurray!!

_MG_3573 _MG_3583 _MG_3582

I even planted a Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) yesterday.  The Dogwood is the State Tree of Virginia and while I have several in the woods that surround my home, I’ve never planted one (this one is a cell phone photo …)


I hope the freezing temps are gone for the year, and I’m sending warm thoughts to those of you who are still hoping for Spring.

26 thoughts on “Is it REALLY Here?

    • Thank you! Yellow is such a wonderful color and these tulips just made me smile … and almost made up for the fact that I didn’t get to have an Easter Hunt 🙂 Next time, I’m coming to your place!!

  1. Can’t think of a better way to start off the work week than with these pictures. Here in Wisconsin we’re a bit behind you, so thank you for sending me spring flowers.

  2. Yes, I do believe we have completed the transition here, too. The tulips are definitely up (at least the ones the critters haven’t attacked underground over the winter!!!) and the rhubarb will be ready very shortly!!! The asparagus patch is cleared off and ready for the Spring warmth to work its magic. Nicely warm and showers til afternoon then sun. I so love Spring!!!!!! Your photos are stunning!!!! (as always) Hugs………..

  3. I’m learning something new everyday. I saw my first Dogwood up close two weekends ago. They’re gorgeous. How wonderful for you to have them growing wild in your neighborhood, and now you have your very own up close for your enjoyment.

    The yellow tulips continue to enthrall. I’m so glad spring finally arrived.

    • I’m so excited about the tree, and am watching over my little dogwood like a mother would. Wonder if it will flower this year?
      I planted a Redbud 6 years ago and it has grown beautifully. 5 years ago, I planted a Crepe Myrtle and while the tree is very healthy, it doesn’t bloom as often as I hoped it would – my fault for choosing a place with not quite enough sun.
      I’m sure I’ll post photos at some point 🙂

      • I’ll look forward to seeing them.

        I guess it’s too late to transplant the Crepe Myrtle to a sunnier spot. That’s too bad. Our neighbor’s planted one between our houses, so we get to enjoy it too.

        Your yard and surrounding woods sound glorious.

  4. Yay!! Spring is a good six months away for me – I am happily embracing our advancing Wintery weather, with cooler mornings definitely on the agenda. I love the fragile and tender aspect of your first tulip photo. And the phone photo of your dogwood would be classed by me as one of my better shots 🙂 Embrace away Laurie – have a wonderful and joyous spring season!!

    • Don’t you love a cool morning? Especially when you’ve been living in terribly hot weather.
      Thanks for your spring wishes … and you enjoy your changing season, too 🙂 xoxo

  5. I just started following a blogger who calls this season, “Sprinter”. 1/2 spring and 1/2 winter. I laughed because it’s about where we are too. Look how absolutely gorgeous thinks are in your neck of the woods (pun intended). That little gem will yield miles of smiles in no time. Yellow tulips are just like a little sun puddle in the garden xoK

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