When I think of Easter, I think of my Grandma.  Actually, I think of both of my Grandparents and the rest of my family,too.


My sisters, parents, and I would travel to Pinehurst, NC for the holiday.  We’d participate in all the usual Easter things.


Decorating eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide (and somehow, Grandpa always found the last one!)


Attending services in the Chapel on the Village Green (where all the children received a potted Easter Lilly)


Enjoying an incredible meal, which always included lamb and homemade mint sauce.


It somehow just doesn’t seem right to not be with family this weekend, so I’m thankful that I have years and years of memories to make me smile.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

31 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. You’ve got such wonderful memories of Easter Laurie! It truly is a holiday best spent with family. Beautiful photos! Have a lovely Easter weekend! 🙂

  2. Warm memories of childhood and family are an excellent choice to go with your Easter photos. Your words made me travel back in time in my mind, too. These are all so beautiful. Somehow that shade of pink is as Springlike as it gets.

    • Crystal, I’m glad you remembered Easters past as well. I’m assuming you’ll get outside with your girl or your guy – enjoy the weekend, whatever you do!

    • Thank you, K! What might you be doing for fun this weekend? I’ll have to visit your FB page today to see 🙂 You’ve got some exciting things in store, and I’m so happy for you!!
      Happy, happy weekend! xoxo

      • Thanks LB! I’m actually off to work this morning. I’m so happy to be saying that again and be able to toodle off to a fun job! Tomorrow we’re zooming out to my brothers for the day. You might have met my SIL Adele at the odd post about her flower shop. So it will be a day of silliness and wine, and Adele’s a great cook. Sure would be cool if you could zoom by, you’d have lot’s of fun 😀 xoxo

  3. Many of your thoughts mirror mine. When very young, a new hat, gloves or dress/coat would appear so that we could be appropriately dressed for church service. Not so any more but the memories are still fresh!!!! Easter Blessings………………….

  4. I was going to buy some flowers for myself for Easter, LB, but I’m so glad I decided not to. I’ve savoured these beautiful Spring blossoms instead!! It’s tricky when life moves on – I often think of my grandparents, too, at Easter. It’s so true that you’ve got to make the most of every day with those you love. Have a wonderful Easter, LB! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • I’m truly not sure why I am just seeing this today … over 3 months later … but thanks so much for commenting!
      If it’s summer where you are, Happy Summer 🙂

  5. Beautiful capture of the spring flowers, Laurie! Love the light on them. Love , love, love flowers!

    And it’s definitely nice to be with family on Easter weekend. I can’t imagine otherwise either.

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