Redbud Community


For over 15 years, the group Pathways for Radford (PFR – find us on Facebook!) has been working with the City of Radford to promote the development, maintenance, and enhancement of a network of bikeways, walkways, greenways, and trails.  Through both mental labor (grant writing, committee work, and fundraising) and physical labor (trail building & maintenance, river clean up, construction of various structures), the group of citizens have helped to create a 3.5 mile paved bikeway / walkway system called The Riverway, much of which runs adjacent to The New River.


The Riverway also runs through Wildwood Park, a 57 acre urban forest which has been designated a Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail and is an ideal place for hiking, wildflower identification, and because of it’s easy access and nearby location, is used as an outdoor biology lab by the school age and college students.

In honor of Earth Day, members and friends of PFR met to plant several Redbud trees.  We’ve planted many trees through the years and it is always a time of fellowship and fun while at the same time doing good for the City and for Mother Earth.

The Trees Arrive!


The unloading and planting begins,

_MG_3762 _MG_3761 _MG_3756

followed by the watering.

_MG_3793 _MG_3799

We admire the beauty of the trees,

_MG_3778 _MG_3795

the satisfaction of a job well done, and a community of friends.



 Happy Earth Day!

Is it REALLY Here?

As a woman who embraces all seasons (yes – even winter), I have none the less been ready for spring.  After snow and 20 degree temperatures last week, Spring may finally have arrived in Southwest Virginia this week.  Hurray!!

_MG_3573 _MG_3583 _MG_3582

I even planted a Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) yesterday.  The Dogwood is the State Tree of Virginia and while I have several in the woods that surround my home, I’ve never planted one (this one is a cell phone photo …)


I hope the freezing temps are gone for the year, and I’m sending warm thoughts to those of you who are still hoping for Spring.