Snow Shine and The Dragon

Nothin’ like sunset over a field of snow … especially one guarded by a dragon


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I’m still encouraging ya’ll to feel some love for winter πŸ™‚

55 thoughts on “Snow Shine and The Dragon

    • I know it is difficult, and I certainly have not been stuck on an interstate for hours or lost power, so it’s easy for me to be annoyingly optimistic about snow. Thank you so much for putting up with me!

  1. I love that glint of sunlight on snow – so beautiful! But I’m still trying to find a summer to embrace Laurie – this afternoon became deliciously warm and that is a nice wee taste ….. It has been such a hard winter for so many in the Northern Hemisphere this year hasn’t it – floods, storms and extreme cold probably do wear out a welcome pretty quickly – but it may be the new norm….

    While some of my friend and family in this hemisphere struggle through days and nights of extreme heat, I seem to be trapped in a weather system that really can’t make up its mind which season it belongs to – makes me practise my ‘happy with what is’ very diligently and gets quite interesting when one has to dress for four seasons in one day – and yes the Finn Brothers did hail from these here parts πŸ™‚ Keep up encouraging us all to accept with grace and look for the beauty – its a great thing to do πŸ™‚

    PS The dragon roof is so intriguing, does it sit over a restaurant?

    • I love the Finn Brothers and that song πŸ˜€ I never tire of Crowded House and also love the lyric, “at 6 o’clock the birds come back to the pond to talk”, it’s about when your sun might start to get golden in Virginia but not for you OR me. June means daylight till 11pm or Midnight πŸ˜€

    • I definitely have not been stuck on an interstate for hours like some, or lost power, or been in a wreck on icy roads, so it is easy for me to be annoyingly positive. Four seasons in a day! That would be completely annoying and challenge even my glass half full attitude!
      The dragon sits permanently atop a friend’s barn. Cool huh?

  2. Very lovely and oh so smooth, until you look closer and see all the glittery bits. πŸ˜€
    Where is this dragon located? On a farm over a barn, in town, over a restaurant?
    As for winter, Eh, winter is not so bad when the weather is 70 degrees and the sun is shining so bright! I know, I’m bragging, but it was a wonderful day.

  3. I can feel the earth warming up now from the golden sun. I’m really loving it so much. Today was another warmish day in Edmonton. +2 I believe. Your snow is melting fast! I love the colour of the clouds on the horizon of your first photo, makes me think the next day was nice too xK

      • Well, we have two feet of snow on the ground, with plowed piles much higher. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, then turn to ice, then turn to snow. After that, it gets frigid cold again. I’m hoping we turn a corner in March.

  4. The enjoyment of winter has long since passed……..warnings for tomorrow: rain/sleet/ 6″-10″ of snow possible with 40 mph wind gusts!!!!!!! S’posed to be the worst storm of this season…………………..huge SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This post is specially designed to lift my winter blues, and I’ll bet you didn’t even know it was for me! I’m a dragon girl. I collect dragons (mostly impressions of dragons, but I had one live one when I lived in California) and consider them my familiar, my totem. Even your title in my inbox made me wiggle in anticipation.

    Isn’t it great that someone would take the trouble to mount a whimsical dragon on a barn. Humans are wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Laurie. I love the composition in that second shot. I also realized my eyes (or mind) played tricks on me. I thought the dragon was near water, then realized on second look that it was snow. Beautiful!

  7. Lovely photos! What a cool dragon. We in the South are tired of this never-ending winter too. I know I should not complain, but this has been the worst winter I can remember since I moved to Oklahoma 24 years ago!

  8. Great photos!

    I told winter that she and I are done. Kaput. Over. But she just keeps stalking me. I wake up, and she’s right there, outside my door . . . And I hear her in the night, her lonely voice howling around my windows . . .

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