February Wine

What do you do on an unexpected 60 degree day in February?  Especially when you know, according to weather experts, that the snow and freezing temperatures will soon return?

You gather with good friends and celebrate the sun!


Attimo Winery opened in the spring of 2011 and is just a few miles down the road.


We sat outside on this warm winter day, just one week out from an almost 2 foot snowfall, and enjoyed wine and a tapas style meal.




Dogs guard the young vineyards and protect the grapes from coyote, deer, and other critters.

_MG_1134 _MG_1142 _MG_1144

Despite the bright mid day sun, and an occasional strong breeze, the opportunities for photography were plentiful.

_MG_1124 _MG_1123 _MG_1130



Now … we’re ready for the next snow storm!

45 thoughts on “February Wine

  1. Here Here, I’ll drink to your post Laurie 😀 It really looks like you are starting to have fun again using your camera, you have some wonderful shots here. As to the weather my mom used to say “cheer up things will get worse”, LOL. Have a wonderful day.

    • I am slowly learning this camera … mostly by trial and error, rather than study,but it’ll do for now. I’m trying to lighten my schedule a bit, especially because I have several procedures ahead of me. All good!

  2. Beautiful shots! We have a local winery too. The guard dogs might fend off most critters, but not coyotes. In this part of the country, coyotes kill many of the ranch dogs. It’s a shame really, since dogs can be very effective in chasing off most would-be grape eaters and prevent vine destruction.

    • The owner told us that the two dogs have kept the coyote at bay. Then again, coyotes (and beer) are just now becoming much more common. I’ll tell ya, the dogs looked sweet and fun, but get too close … yikes! They truly were protective of the vines. wow!

  3. Amazing weather you’re enjoying! What a roller coaster.

    I loved seeing all out enjoying the day but most of all the shadow glass photo’s. What a fun set up to see a reflection so bright on a wooden table. Your brilliant LB, like that glorious sunshine xo

    • Thanks Pauline! I was worried the photos wouldn’t turn out because of the bright sun. I’m glad to be getting some practice with the camera. Mostly trial and error, rather than purposeful study … someday, right?

    • Thank you Robyn. We have to take advantage of these opportunities, right? That third to the last is a fun one … I was so glad that the bright sun didn’t prohibit some success.

      • Well, the forecast ‘could’ be wrong!!! (gasp!) Up here, unfortunately, it’s not………hovering around the ‘0’ mark all week!!!! Ugh!!!!! Off to quilt group………………………….

  4. What a STUNNING group of photos. The one with the wine pore is incredible. Well done, LB.

    I’m so glad you got a chance to enjoy a rare, warm February day. We just got back from a walk in 59 degree temps. Were expected rain later in the week. Be still my heart.

  5. Amazing how the landscape changed in a short amount of time. That day was a gift full of promise of more warmer days. My fave photo is the dog in the vineyard. I like the personal touch of getting to know your friends and share your toasts!

    • I’ll tell you what Crystal, those two dogs were working! All playful and cute, but step too close to the vines and yikes! They sure know their job, and I loved watching the two of them race along the fenceline – playful, but on guard!

    • Thank you, Heather! It was lovely! Temps will remain in the 40s today but I hear will be dropping soon. You just have to take advantage of every moment 🙂

    • Laurie, it was such fun! and our Tasting Room Server (we dubbed her a storyteller) made it even more fun with all the facts and stories she shared with us. You would have loved it!

    • Thank you! That is one of my favorites, too! What a treat to have a warmer, sunny day in the midst of winter; winter provides such great shadows!

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