Scoping Out The Camera

Get it?


Scoping out the camera?  Stethoscope!


Obviously, I’m at work … and  I tell corny jokes!


Hey – you practice and play where you can, even if it’s just for a few minutes while eating lunch 🙂

28 thoughts on “Scoping Out The Camera

    • I can not wait to spend more time with it … once the computer is set up, I’ll be able to “focus” a bit more (the corny jokes sure are awful, eh?)

    • You got your new camera! How wonderful! I have the newer tech, but must admit that I miss the old Kodak moments of point and shoot. Well, there was my short lived affair with the Nikon K-1000 (manual) and B&W photography at CSUSB… but, my best pictures were taken with my Instamatic. Sad, but true.

      You on the other hand are dedicated to this quest, and I know you will be proficient in no time, LB! I’m so excited for you! 😀

      • Thanks Lynda, I’m so excited! I do, though, agree with you! I had a pro photographer tell me the other day that she gets frustrated when her I-phone takes better photos than her expensive camera!
        I can not wait to explore!

  1. I think that first shot is actually really good. The crisp desk reflects both a calendar and degrees/certificates, giving it a professional and educated look. I think it’s a great still-life.

  2. I love playing with close-ups. When the kids were young I would play a game with them using my camera. We’d take turns taking super close-ups around the house and then try and guess what they were. It could get pretty challenging and led us to photograph from unique angles to try and stump each other, good times… 🙂

  3. Your dedication work AND play, make you a well balanced individual. Your passion for photography brings so much joy to you and us, we’re glad you take the time for both. Don’t you think by choosing B&W for the last photo, your stethoscope looks more hi-tech? Interesting.

  4. Great shots! I love the black and white of the stethoscope: to me the blurriness of the background gives it a reflective, meditative (no pun intended) quality, while the sharpness and precision of the foreground demonstrates the practicality of the tool. The reflection too gives it an ethereal feel that contrasts really well with the actual use of the stethoscope: to diagnose and define. It’s a really great mix of the artistic and scientific qualities of medicine. Brava!

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