The Thrill is Gone …

… I may never post another photo! Yes, you guessed it! I upgraded to an SLR and frankly, I now stink at photography.  I know, I know … I’ll figure it out … someday … somehow … somewhere.  Sniff, sniff …

So for now, here’s one from happier days.  This was taken with my cell phone … and is better than what I’ve taken with  my SLR so far!


I’ll be doing alot of this (scotch, beer, wine, whatever) until I figure out the new Canon 60D.

Poor, poor me 🙂

(ya’ll know I’m kidding, right?)

45 thoughts on “The Thrill is Gone …

  1. Laurie you will get used to it trust me. Someone with your passion for photography can’t throw the towel in so soon. If you need to go over the settings just give me a call, most of the time default settings can make you give up 😦

    • I won’t give up! The learning curve was unexpected, but I’ll get it! Perhaps I should not have purchased a new computer and a new camera on the same day. Full time working and committee work are kind of getting in the way of learning and exploring 🙂

  2. Girl…. Just play… The more ya tinker with settings the more ya learn… Maybe you will inspire me to pick mine back up…. I stopped during life turmoil and haven’t gone back… Time to reboot 🙂

  3. Oh no! The dreaded new technology syndrome strikes! Just remember, this too shall pass………. I see that no matter what,issues you are dealing with, your glass is way more than half full! So, in the meantime don’t give up [I’m sure you won’t] enjoy the learning curve, oh – and happy inebriation 🙂

    • Yes, I was mostly joking … but perhaps I should not have purchased a new camera and a new computer on the same day! Too much to learn at one time 🙂

  4. You don’t have to learn it all at once, and unless you are doing sports photography (or things that move) I might suggest not trusting the auto focus, and focusing yourself..

  5. What’s to learn? Is your new camera all that different? It’s not like you’ve been taking photos with a cellphone like most of the free world! Can’t wait to see it. Saturday?

  6. LOL, I don’t know about that, but what a deal you get at this bar. Could that glass be any fuller?

    Just think about what a pro you’ll be when you master that new camera of yours and be able to talk shop with the best of em’. Now pull up your britches, chug-a-lug that beer, wipe your mouth in your sleeve and go get yourself some pictures young lady!

    • I’m so glad that someone finally commented on that very full pour! My friend ordered that beer a few weeks ago and I just had to take a pic! Check out the comment by Crystal next 🙂
      We are SUPPOSED to get some real snow today (ha! that means 2 to6 inches … not much at all but more than we’ve had all winter!) so maybe I’ll snap a few good ones!

      • Really, that’s the first thing I noticed and wondered how the heck did they get that to the table….far more talent than I. I read Crystals msg there…she’s too adorable. Must make time to visit here. Very lazy clock here…blah blah walk, blah blah beach, blah blah drink….loving it

  7. Now that’s a glass way more than half full…..very generous indeed!
    You got the same camera as mine….so I just know you’re going to fall in love with it 🙂
    Play, play, play….that’s my motto!!

    • YAY, we are camera sisters! I made the mistake, necessary of course, of buying a much overdue new computer, and have had to spend alot of time getting that set up and the camera has been put to the side for a few days (although, as with my other, I take it everywhere). I can not WAIT to do as you say – PLAY!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Laurie, you’re going to LOVE it, I promise!!! Find yourself a basic photography course on take it! One or two sessions and you’ll be a new woman! Also there are some wonderful videos on Nikon’s site – not sure if you have a Nikon or a Canon but I’m guessing canon has the same thing. They’re teriffic. And there are also decent online courses. Don’t know where you live but we have wonderful workshops in our photography club here I bet you have some near you. Don’t give up, I promise you’re going to adore photography again very soon!!!!

    • Tina, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response! And thank you for the suggestion. I’ve got a few sites and course online to consider, and plan to spend some time this weekend learning the camera. For now, I’m just shooting everything in site 🙂

    • Your comment made my smile, Alys! I did indeed “drink up” this week, but it was wine at a Wine Divas event. So much fun!
      SLR is single lens reflex … the camera body with different lenses. I’ve been shooting with a “bridge camera / superzoom”. This is a real step up for me 🙂

      • Wine Divas sounds like good fun. What a clever name.

        Thanks for clarifying the SLR. Do you have more control with this camera or simply improved photo quality? Perhaps both.

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