Peak Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

In my previous post, I promised that I’d be sharing details and photos from my trip to Great Smoky National Park (GSNP).  Somehow I just haven’t been able to get that done.  I don’t know … maybe it was the extensive oral surgery I just had 🙂  (excuses, excuses!)

I’ll get it done soon, but for now, let me know what you think of these.  Leave it to me to post 2 images in B&W, despite the fact that I was in the GSNP during “peak weekend”?  And as you photographers always say, they really do look better if you click on them (I learn so much from you all)

024 041

48 thoughts on “Peak Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

  1. awesome photos Laurie…I like the dramatic feel the b & w gives them…I saw the water fall as well…but then I’m always watching clouds…they offer some of the most interesting visuals! Take care..don’t feel the need to rush those photos…getting well is top priority here… 🙂

    • I’m trying to stay patient with recovery, Heather, and to be honest, for once it’s not too hard to do. I’m healing well but I’m feeling the wreck, too.
      I love clouds, too! and that several folks saw water in these particular clouds.

  2. Oral surgery, I hate it when people mess with my Grinders (my word for teeth) so I cant believe that oral surgery would be any better. Hopefully this message finds you and your Grinders well.

    • Surgery went well and I’ve found the positive side to a painful mouth: weight loss :-). I’m one surgery closer to getting my smile back (or at least one that doesn’t frighten people!!)

  3. Trust me, the cloud features LOVE the B&W treatment. Remember, Ansel Adams knew what he was doing all along. The cloud’s fan formation in the first one is simply awesome!

    • Lynda, it was truly a beautiful day in the Smokies! While the leaves were beautiful, it was the clouds that captured my eye over and over!

      • Yes, I can understand that! Coming from Cali we hardly ever saw clouds… fog occasionally, smog almost every day, but rarely clouds and nothing like what we see here in the south/east. Amazing aren’t they?

  4. Heaven on earth 😀 Like a big giant-slide in the sky. Us kids use to love that one at the annual fair ground. B&W works pretty well for your vista’s too, I like how they fade to the lights grey in the background. You might not have the same effect in colour.

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