It’s Coming!

As I head off to Charlottesville for a Saturday meeting, I’ll hope that you all are outside somewhere, enjoying the beauty of early fall.



22 thoughts on “It’s Coming!

  1. Beautiful, LB! I am still waiting for mine down here, but there is a subtle shift in the green that tells me it will be soon!

    I never lived with Dogwoods until we moved here. They always surprise and delight me. They are usually the first in every season. First to bloom, first set new growth, first to change color, and first to loose all of their leaves. Did you ever notice that they set their buds during the summer in preparation for the spring? I find that amazing!

    • Lynda, you are so right about the dogwoods … they are the first to bloom and the first to turn color. I’ll have to pay attention to the budding. I had not noticed.
      Hope you contiinue to see those subtle changes, although if you are like me, I do like them to be subtle. I love to really experience the change.

      • You know, up on the mountain today, there were flashes of crimson everywhere and all the hardwoods are showing a fading of the green. It is strange living here in the south. It seems that in our area there is little to come out in bloom in the spring. However, in the late summer and into fall suddenly everything is in bloom and most of it is yellow! 😀

        LB, I couldn’t agree more! I love the slow and steady fall change because I want it to last!

  2. With pictures as lovely as these I can
    always enjoy the beginning of Autumn.

    Have a really nice weekend my friend 🙂

    Andro xx

  3. Hey! I’ve been there, loved the University designed by Thomas Jefferson, the fireflies at night and the magnolia trees were in bloom when I was there. Everyone was so darn friendly too. Your visions of fall are really great. Are those Poinsettia’s? Last year it snowed here on Oct 4th…yikes. Tonight was gorgeous, walked out to dine and wore just a shawl and sandals. I love fall.

    • The leaves / berries are from the Dogwood. Aren’t they just beautiful?
      I enjoyed imagining your evening walk in shawl and sandals. Doesn’t that just make for big happy sighs?
      Ahhhh ……

      • The dogwoods are really gorgeous in the fall, I hadn’t realized that. I’ll have to watch in yards. We sure don’t see them in our city parks so I would guess they aren’t hardy here, a shame.
        Another beautiful day here, we’re getting pretty spoilt, I won’t complain though 😀

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