The 2013 Bike Trip has been great so far!  I’ve been lucky to enjoy smooth and rainfree riding through the mountains of Virginia to the the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and also had a wonderful reunion with a treasured friend and her family.  Today I explored the history, food, and walkability of Annapolis. More photos later but for now, i hope you like this completely unedited image.

Tomorrow: Southern Maryland!


19 thoughts on “Annapolis

  1. Love Annapolis…where I learned to eat crab (and the rule about “when” to eat crab). I’m enjoying your shots and trip very much, thanks for taking us along!

  2. Well for pretty obvious reasons I love the photos. And Annapolis – where John Paul Jones is buried! This is the second time this week his name has come up.

  3. What a life you lead. Glad you haven’t had to deal with much rain so far – I know when I drive by someone on a motorcycle in the rain, I always feel sorry for them.

    Magnificent photo of the boat. The sky looks about to flatten the boats in the distance. So much drama going on in that photo.

    • Thanks so much for the comment about the photo! I’ve been frustrated with my inability to upload photos from my camera so cell phone shots will have to do for now.
      I’ve always said “work hard to play hard” and this vacation has been the perfect get away from work!! I’m a happy woman!!

    • You would love it in Annapolis. The history, food, shopping, water … what’s not to love? I’ll bet that sail on the Vintage boat was amazing!

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