Calvert Cliffs

This is the view at the end of a 1.8 mile hike: Calvert Cliffs, located in a Maryland state park with the same name. Gorgeous! (This is yet another cell phone shot. I’m anxious to view and edit the photos from my camera).

What a day! Total mileage was just 100, but I rode through historic communities, visited Point Lookout, waded in the waters of St Mary’s River, enjoyed a much needed cold beer at a local biker bar, and had dinner with old friends.

Today I’m off to explore a bit more of Southern Maryland before crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware.

11 thoughts on “Calvert Cliffs

    • Mae, i have to confess to being frustrated with technology on this trip…. But i’m having a blast! Thank goodness my bike does not require me to be proficient with IT!

  1. In California you do not have to go off the main highway to see these views. The 101 highway runs along the beaches and cliffs for most of the way. Strange to think you never have to leave your car to see all the beauty, yet sad that you can whiz by without ever touching or experiencing it.

    This view reminds me of beaches there, but minus the thousands of people. That is the charm of your discovery. Glad you walked the 1.8 to visit for awhile, and thank you for sharing with us, LB.

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