Morning Swim


Nothing like a lovely early morning swim … so refreshing! Osprey feeding their young; crabbers checking their pots; and the laughter of friends in the distance.





11 thoughts on “Morning Swim

  1. Memorieeeees (I’m singing like Barbara)…..looks like home (old home) and I couldn’t agree more. I had a friend who’d take a swim every morning before work just to conserve water, HA even in October…..then again, he did drink Tequila too, just sayin’

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot (although it it’s anything like the lake I’ve been splashing around in… BRRRRR… that will definitely wake you up)!
    Awesome photos, as always! I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip, LB! 🙂

    • now it’s YOU who is being kind! The water on the river was warm … the benefit of being near the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic. It’s been a wonderful trip so far!

      • Yes I can imagine the sensation felt rather welcomed, and as you say, a morning swim is an excellent time to enjoy it 🙂


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