Prepping for the Bike Trip

My annual solo trip is just 2 months away and the new bike has been in the shop getting ready for the road!  It was due for it’s first check up at 1400 miles, but I also had the guys add highway pegs and a heat deflector.

 Since I couldn’t be on the bike, I pulled out the camera (ha! when don’t I pull out the camera?)



I loved the shadows of the leaves on the bark of  this weeping cherry tree (is that the playboy bunny I see?)



This one is with flash …


and this one without.  Which do you prefer?


Not a bad way to spend the evening!

8 thoughts on “Prepping for the Bike Trip

    • I’m trying to decide … the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Annapolis OR South Dakota 🙂 I’m actually pretty sure it will be Maryland. Either way it’ll be great!

    • My son and I went on a cross country trip when I got out of grad school in 1995. (no vacation in 4 years = 7 weeks of paid vacation time). SD was one of the states we visited and I loved the Badlands, the Black Hills and Devils Tower. I think it’d be fun to see those same places from the bike, but doubt I’ll have the time to do it this year … Maryland here I come … I think 🙂

  1. I always prefer photo’s without flash since that’s how your eyes are seeing it. Yep, I do believe that’s a playboy bunny or ‘x’ marks the spot. Are those orange Azalea’s? Stunning!

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