What do you miss most when your computer is down?

For me, it is most assuredly the lack of access to my photos, and the ability to edit and post new ones.

A friend has lent me a lap top so I am able to do online banking and use the internet as needed.

I do not have group contact lists on my phone and given that I maintain communication for 4 groups I am a bit challenged. At least I can send messages via those group FB pages.

So really, it’s about photography.

Some of you post beautiful photos from your iphone, but as much as I love my blackberry, the photo quality isn’t great. Perhaps I’ll give myself a photo challenge and see what I can do with the phone camera.

Until then, will you join me in prayer to the computer gods/goddesses, asking for resolution soon? I’d be grateful … I fear I’ll be experiencing withdrawal symptoms soon!

18 thoughts on “Withdrawals

      • Did I sneeze? 😀 Have you tried Photoscape? Its easy to use and light weight, and will turn your blackberries into cheesecake 😀

      • You know, I am pretty tech savvy in some ways, and not at all in others. I have not tried photoscape? Off to google it now!!
        (you’ve made me smile this morning … and hungry for blackberry cheesecake!)

  1. Oh girl, I am feeling for you…hate it when stuff like this happens…like my car CD player isn’t working right now (w/some good CDs stuck in it) to which my goddess-girlfriend says “you’re not supposed to be focused on that right now…just wait until you’re ready, then it’ll be back” and so I’ve gone w/o decent music or audiobooks while driving for going on two months now! heavy sigh. Hoping for a better (read: more tech-savvy) outcome for you. 🙂

    • Oh no … the music! That is my favorite time to listen to tunes that I love. You are a patient woman for sure. Good luck with your own tech mis-adventures and thanks for the sympathy!

    • It’s always scary isn’t? Even though I back up to an external hard drive, I am still nervous about the potential loss of my photos if I’ve been doing it wrong. We shall soon find out …

  2. OH NO!!! I feel your pain – I’m pretty sure my computer is ‘done’. And I completely agree with you… phones do some amazing things… but I SO miss my DSLR and my Adobe software!!! Awful!!! I sure hope you have better luck with your machine than I’ve had with mine… did I mention awful? Because, yeah… AWFUL!!! 😦

    • YAY the laptop is up and running! My “laptop fixer” tells me I’ve got another year or so on this one. Phew! and it only cost me 2 sixpacks 🙂

  3. Yay for people who know how to fix stuff! Glad you’re back in business.

    I know exactly the pain you felt. Right in the middle of my 4 1/2 month work trip to Japan last summer, my computer died and had to be shipped back to the company (luckily the Toshiba factory was actually local….ha ha ha!). But in any case, I went six weeks without the ability to blog and post my photos…while in Japan! It was killing me. Such a beautiful opportunity to post such amazing stuff, and I had no access. So I get your pain. Truly I do. Any kind of hiccup with photos and with computers is a terrible thing for a blogger.

    • Oh Crystal, that would have been devastating!! I was bummed and it was only 3 days and in my own neck of the woods … I can’t even imagine how upsetting that was (even if Toshiba was local – too funny!). Oh my my my ….
      This episode made me realize that truly, it was all about the photography. With smart phones and borrowed laptops we can maintain function but the photography …

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