Annual Mammogram: Reward for Getting it Done!

Last Friday, I had to be out of the house earlier than normal in order to get my annual mammogram.  Because of that appointment, I also traveled a slightly different route than is typical.  This pastoral scene was my lovely reward.










Ah! There are more benefits than you know to getting a mammogram!

Have you had yours this year?

Truly! They’re lifesavers!

18 thoughts on “Annual Mammogram: Reward for Getting it Done!

    • You know, I have to tell you that your comment means so much to me … and it makes me realize that you may not have seen the one that I left you (on the Sleeping Giant post). I’ve felt a bit badly about that ever since. If you’ve seen it, you are a better person than I for coming on back to my blog and being so great. If you haven’t yet seen it, know that I hate to mix politics and photography and it was for that reason that I was a bit grumpy.

  1. Good for you and the photos are great! Just a gentle reminder, keep checking things with your fingertips. My yearly mamos missed the 3.5 centimeter mass growing in mine. Lucky for me, it wasn’t aggressive. Of concern: it was there a very long time.

    • You are exactly right, Mae. BSE is critical! It always amazes me that a mass that big can be missed … but it does happen. We all need to be diligent about knowing our bodies.

  2. Good for your diligence LB. In Alberta, women over 50 with no family history are entitled to one every other year. It’s not set in stone, If I insisted or my Dr. had a concern it would be immediate. I have had the same Dr for over 30 years, and trust her judgement impeccably.

    You had a nice jaunt over there I’d say. I enjoyed your photo of the rustic fence line rolling off into the depths of your composition. You’ve got a good eye for catching the everyday in an interesting way. Thanks for sharing.

    • The mammogram recs are changing here in the US, too. There are already a few professional organizations that recommend beginning screenings at 50.
      Thanks for your comments! I thought the colors of the trees in that picture of the fence line reminded me of fall.

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