The Sigh

It is something that escapes, almost without me being aware that it has happened.  It usually occurs within 20 minutes of starting up the bike and heading out on the road.

Of course, as soon as I get on the bike,  I am happy to be feeling the wind in my face and I look forward to the ride ahead.  I know I’ll see the beauty of the land, feel the adrenalin pounding in my blood, and hear the wind rushing by my ears.  Those things are a given, and I welcome them.


And then, as I am settling into the ride, it happens.

The Sigh.

It is big and it is physical … as if from the depths of my soul.  Lungs fill.  Chest rises.  Shoulders lift.  Breath escapes.  And with that, the fatigue and pressure that have built up during the day are released and I am, for a few moments, free.

And all is right in my world.


22 thoughts on “The Sigh

  1. You’ve captured the feeling of release, the zen of motorcycling, if you will, so well! Im glad you’ve found it! For me, I find this moment in gardening or a peaceful (not exercising pace) in the woods.

  2. I love that sigh only I get it photographing in the woods… it is pure and cleansing and I can’t imagine life without it. I loved your post and it reminded me I need to “reboot” again.

    • So glad to read your comment, Christine. I’ve loved hearing from people today about how important it is to have something in life that makes us just … breathe.

  3. You make me smile just reading this, LB. I am reaching way back into another life here, but… is your bike what is called a ‘panhead’? Also, my dad (who rode a BMW ‘dresser’ as he called it, used to tell this silly joke:

    How do you pick out the happy biker in a crowd?
    (wait for it…)
    He’s the one with the bugs in his teeth. 😛

    Thanks for the smile this morning!

    • Lynda, thanks so much for your comments (AND for the joke!! Can’t wait to see if my biker buddies have heard it). Panheads are no longer made, from what I understand, but I do have friends who ride dressers.
      Your comments made ME smile!!

  4. I’d be happier than a pig in slop if I had more than enough money, a hog and my camera. I’d yell from the bottom of my lungs, “Free at last, Free at last, I am Free at last”.

  5. Riding can be about so many things. It can be about the adrenaline rush of massive sweeping curves at high speeds, it can be that get away from the world that comforts the soul but for me its always been about that precious moment where life meets two tires on pavement.

  6. Loved this piece. Funny this chain in thinking. I hike a lot, as you know, and this feeling you describes happens about twenty to thirty minutes in. I suddenly just feel the wait of the day or even the week roll off my shoulders. Makes me wonder for all who never find their outlet to let the world fall away. Thanks for sending me this link.

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