First True Ride on the New Bike

Two weeks ago I picked up the bike, rode home from the dealer, around town just a bit, and then the snow came.  So this past weekend was the first time I was really able to get out and learn the bike.  And learn it I did!

Even though this bike sits lower than most (24.5 inches) and even though I had it modified for short arms and legs, I find that there are still adjustments to be made.  Most importantly, I have to stretch just a bit too much to reach the left handlebar.  Other things such as the weight and being able to back it up, will come along with time.  Despite the low seat height, I only stand at 5ft tall, so no matter what I ride, I will be always be challenged just a bit.

Having said all that, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bike!  It rides so smoothly and runs so well … I am thrilled!

On Sunday, I rode with friends for the first 80 miles.  We rode to Smith Mountain Lake and then I headed out on my own.  My goal was to focus on how the bike handled (and how I handled the bike) without worrying about keeping up with friends.  I thought it fitting that I took the first half of my first long ride with the guys who have taught me the most (see this post to learn about them)

I left the lake area, where I of course had to stop and take a few photos …





I was really too focused on the bike to spend time on photography, but it was so beautiful that I had a hard time not stopping!  I headed over Catawba Mountain, through Ellett Valley and home through Tom’s Creek.  A total of 170 miles and a wonderful, wonderful day!


19 thoughts on “First True Ride on the New Bike

    • So excited!! Maybe to Raleigh in a few weeks, if I can get the luggage figured out … I may be a tomboy but I do need some girl stuff when I travel 🙂

  1. Amazing that you can go any where in the world, even little isolated back roads and see that Coca-cola logo. Glad to hear you’re having the time of your life, she looks pretty sparkly out in the sunshine.

    • You are so right about the coca-cola logo. I was taking a few photographs outside an antique store on Saturday and there were two!

  2. Great post Laurie, can feel your love for the bike!! I’m so glad you are happy with it. Hope you can get that left handlebar sorted to fit you better?

    • I’m hoping so! The first “check up” on the bike is at 1000 miles. I’ll ride it until then and see how it feels … if I still feel I’m reaching too much, I’ll have the guys help me figure something out. Wish I could ride today … 70 degrees and gorgeous … but I’ll be at a family reunion at a winery. Poor me 🙂

      • Ha ha a family reunion at a winery sounds punishing. Have a very lovely day and make sure to show us some family photos? xx

    • Thanks Crystal! I hope to take the first long ride this coming weekend (to Raleigh NC) … not necessarily the most exciting route to ride, but it’ll be good preparation for summer trips!

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