The Farm, Up Close and Personal

About a month ago, I posted a photo of a red barn that I had been eyeing from the road for over a year.  I took that picture while leaning way over the fence.  The owner gave me permission to access the land and so this past Saturday I spent some time walking around taking pictures of the barn and miniature horses.  It was a bright, beautiful day, so much so that the red on the barn was a bit washed out in the sun.

How strange that just two days ago, I was walking around on a sunny 50+ degree day and ever since, we have had low temps and a Christmas type snowfall.

Fall leaves … in a snowshower … at the beginning of spring


Close Ups of the Barn













Coming Soon!!  More Shots from the Farm but from a distance!

11 thoughts on “The Farm, Up Close and Personal

  1. As always you do a great job of taking pictures, I love seeing them they make you feel like I’m there. Thanks again for posting them they let us see the beautiful things we miss in every day life.

    • You are so good to comment … Your enthusiasm comes across in your words and always makes me smile! Thank you so much!

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