Number Three!!

I did it!  I bought my third bike (and my first new one)!

002 (2)

Meet the 2013 Softail Slim!



I took these last 2 pictures with my cell phone, and since I’m one of the few people left on the earth who doesn’t use an iPhone, the photography isn’t the greatest … but the bike totally is!!


Can you tell I’m happy?

The dealer is having to add a riser to bring the handlebars closer to me (short arms), is moving the brake closer to me (short legs), and is changing out the grips (small hands).  Because I like to travel, I am also adding a windshield, saddle bags, and engine guard.  I hope to bring the bike home in a week.



I sure am going to miss my sweet little Sportster though …

15 thoughts on “Number Three!!

  1. Aaahh I’m SO happy for you Laurie. That’s one crazy good lookin bike!
    It’s good to dream, but even better to have dreams come true!! 🙂

    • So true, Meg!! and yes! It is a crazy good lookin’ bike! Love that all my girl blogging friends are so excited for me (see other comments)!

    • Yes, it is a beauty!! Thanks Mae (and my friend that I mentioned in a previous comment asked for your blog link … I know she will find comfort and encouragement from you!)

  2. Congratulations Laurie, I can tell you’re over the moon. I don’t know anything about bikes but it’s awesome that they can adjust everything for you. That’ll make for a safer ride and probably more comfortable too. Happy travels.

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