Blowing in the Wind

After riding 125 miles, much of it along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you might expect me to post photos of the changing fall leaves.

While I did see many beautiful sites as I followed along behind my friend Dave, we didn’t stop for photos because we had a destination in mind.


Raps is a full service 1950’s / 60’s Renaissance Store and Ice Cream Shop adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Raps also has a restaurant / bar and grill and features live music on the weekends.


The beer was cold, the music was classic rock, and several in the crowd were dancing.  What really attracted my eye though, were the bright flags flapping in the wind against the brilliant blue sky.

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You must be thinking: “really, LB, a post about flags?  The kind that can easily be found flying at any car dealership”.  What can I say?  They made me happy!

Eleven days ’til the Fall Bike Trip!!  Now THAT really makes me happy!