Stand Up


Amidst the sadness, the anger, and all of the awful wrongs in this world, there is still beauty to be found … in nature, in good people doing great things, and in the heroes who stand up and do what is right.


Thanks to the two heroes in California for STANDING UP!

We must all STAND UP!  I’m too angry about the injustice to write more right now, nor am I eloquent enough to do so ever.  But I will keep standing up and trying to do right.

Reward for Looking Up

I was the last one out of my office last evening, and I was a bit tired at the end of a long day.  It would have been tempting to trudge along, looking at the ground as I walked, just aiming for the truck and heading for home.  But I always try to look up and around as I make my way along, and this was my reward for doing so.


Evening Light on Trees

While relaxing in my living room after a lovely day on the bike with Dave, I couldn’t help but see the beautiful evening light shining down on the trees in my front yard …

So fortunate to live in a home surrounded by trees.