Pauline the Wise and Wonderful

Our Wedding Day, September 5th, will always be a day that signifies love, life, and loss: the day of Pauline’s birth and also the day she left her dear daughters, Danella and Jo, her sweet Siddy and Orlando, and so many, many friends.

Dear Pauline, when I think of you, I think of wisdom, artistry, and kindness. What a giver of love and life you were!

I will miss knowing you are not in Dunedin waiting for us to visit again, but I am thankful that I will wake every morning to your painting of daisies and when at work, the gorgeous painting of me on my bike.
Friends, please visit Alys Milner’s blog post about Pauline so that you may learn more about this remarkable woman.

* I am on my honeymoon and am not able to access much of my photos; I will add images of Pauline’s paintings when I return *


Inspired by Pauline

My contribution to Monochromia today was inspired by Pauline.


The story, as I noted on my Monochromia post was this:

As we left our Old Town Alexandria restaurant that night, Pauline pointed across the street and said “Look Laurie! That would make a great picture; like film noir” (that’s not an exact quote, by the way).

And she was right! All that was missing was a guy or gal, leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

Well, a tripod was missing, too (obviously), but thanks Pauline, for being the inspiration behind this shot.