The Final Day Down Under

It had finally arrived (in “real time” 3 months ago): my last day in Australia and the final day of an amazing three week adventure.   I started the day in the mountains of Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) and finished it on the coast in Adelaide, the capital city of the state of South Australia.  After enjoying my breakfast under the watchful eyes of the Kangaroos, I was soon on my way.

A gorgeous morning sun burned off the mist and I was once again awed by the beauty of the countryside.

The road to Adelaide was sometimes tree lined and at other times led me through wide open spaces.

As I passed through Coonalpyn, I was stunned to see these incredible silos murals.

Created by artist Guido van Helten, these silo murals are “already paying dividends, with an increased number of cars passing through town,  stopping and spending their money there”

Van Helten says that the children represent the future of the town, and he hopes the giant art work might inspire those children and others “to a path through creative industries”.

Pretty incredible!  I just wish I’d taken more time to capture each of the 5 children depicted on the silos.  Please follow this link to see much better photos and to learn more about how “the tiny rural town of Coonalpyn is showing signs of rejuvenation and community pride”.

After almost 800 miles in 3 days, my little rental car carried me safely to Adelaide.  Driving on the left was pretty fun, and with only the occasional correction, I had little trouble.  After checking into my hotel, I walked down to the ocean.

It was a beautiful evening and people were out and about, enjoying the pier, the boardwalk, and the beach.  The surfers were out as well, and although I’ve never been much of a sports photographer, I had a blast trying to capture the scene.

RIP Jordy

All too soon, I had to pull myself away from the water, and walk back to the hotel.  My early flight to Melbourne required that I check out at 4am.

My time in Adelaide was all too brief, and I regretted not being able to explore.  Even still, I’m glad I was able to spend even a few hours there.

Next Post: Final Thoughts and more photos of the Blogging Babes!


9 thoughts on “The Final Day Down Under

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed “going along” on your trip–thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photographs and stories. The silo murals are amazing!

  2. Your photo’s are tremendous Laurie. I think they’ve captured a day in Aus so well. I will come back to follow the link on the Silo’s because those are just crazy amazing! I think it’d be amazing to live by the ocean, hey? The sounds, the birds, the spray and life in general tugs at my soul. Maybe I was a seal in a past life? Definitely not a shark though, LOL. Kudo’s on the successful navigation of your rental car and left driving excursions on the Ocean Road. You captured far better Kangaroo photo’s than me and I went on two tours just to try and photograph wildlife, lol. You just had to order coffee 😀 All magical indeed! Love you xoxo k

  3. Those murals!! Aren’t they amazing! I’m sorry you didn’t get to spend longer in Adelaide, it is the best wine country in Australia! I had pictured you on a wine tour bus…… Now that you are a well oiled and seasoned traveller you can always head back 🙂 xoxo

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