A friend’s 10 year old son Sawyer (nicknamed SOY) died unexpectedly in October 2016.  Sawyer’s loving and devastated family had bracelets made for their friends & family to wear and to remember Sawyer by.

To remember the joy of his life not the sadness of his death.

Sawyer’s mother, Jaime, created a blogspot so that folks can post pictures of the places they take the bracelets.  Having friends wear the bracelets helps the family connect with Sawyer’s memory and reminds them that he has not been forgotten.   As friends, we know that we are carrying the memory of Sawyer on the adventures we have and the places that we visit.

In addition to wearing #mysawyerbracelet throughout New Zealand and Australia, I wore a bracelet in honor of my friend David, who died in 2010.

The bracelets never left my wrist and accompanied me while I sat in the Chair for Contemplation at Rippon Winery in Wanaka New Zealand.

Through the pine forest along the Queenstown Hill Time Walk and when adding a rock to the pile

From the summit of Queenstown Hill

Overlooking Lake Wakatipu

From the top of Bob’s Peak

On the train to Sydney …

… and on the train back to Melbourne

While driving on the left side of the Great Ocean Road (and on the left side of the car)

While talking with another bracelet wearing bar patron about the friends and loved ones we carried along with us

Outside this tiny little house and over this tiny little door

and while enduring three rounds of incredibly “intimate” security checks.

#mysawyerbracelet was along with me while riding a gondola, a jetboat, a kayak, a 5 person trike, 3 summits, and 11 different planes.

It was an honor to bring the spirits of Sawyer and David along with me on this journey.

30 thoughts on “#MySawyerBracelet

    • You know, I do think it does offer a measure of comfort to know that many people wear the bracelet and think of Sawyer regularly

  1. Beautiful post and tribute. We have to remember our loved ones who have passed away, and I love this idea of taking them with us as we continue through our own life’s journey. I try to take Soy’s memory with me whenever I hike or do anything to challenge myself. It somehow gives me courage.

    • I love your last sentence “it gives me courage”.
      That alone is a tribute to Sawyer. Can’t wait to see a photo of #mysawyerbracelet from Toronto!

  2. I can only echo what others have already said in their comments. I too cannot imagine such a painful loss and can only hope that all these photos and your words bring comfort that their memories are still live and well 💕

  3. You’re a true blue loving friend Laurie and I’m so grateful for your love. I’m certain the families felt the healing vibes of that love too, as you carried the memories of these men with you on your fantastic adventures abroad. I really love the idea of these bracelets. Something tangible, to touch, feel, remember when the moment grips you. Your photo’s are wonderful ❤ ❤ ❤ xo k

  4. What a good idea, tangible. The dead can be inner thoughts, but it’s hard to come back and say “I thought of X when I was in Y.” Here there’s something that shows you did and that has to be a comfort.

    • Lisa, you are so right! I love the idea of sharing that DID think of the one who is gone.
      Thank you.
      Off to see what you are up to!

      • There’s a James Joyce story called The Dead that I think was made into a movie some time ago. It’s well worth a read, for the language and the images (if you’re visual, and you are) and the sense of how people are always with us. It’s published in a collection and easily accessible. Relevant still.

  5. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful way to honour their son & keep his memory alive. I hope that in sharing the bracelet photos, it brings some sense of comfort to their tragic loss.

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