Continuing the Journey: Grampians National Park

In “real time” and since I last posted, I’ve worked many hours and traveled many miles, some for civic causes and some for fun, including a first ever trip to  Las Vegas (I cannot wait to work through those photos!).  In “blog time” though, I’m still in Australia.

After leaving the Great Ocean Road (see posts about my two days driving the road here and here), I drove to Grampians National Park (Gariwerd).  Gariwerd is the Australian Aboriginal name for the park, which is a nature reserve in Victoria, Australia. It is known for its sandstone mountains, which rise out of surrounding farmland.  The first views of those mountains required a stop for photos.

After checking into my motel, and knowing that I’d only have 3 hours or so before dark, I made the decison to hike the Pinnacle Trail.  Thinking “how hard can a 2.1k (one way) trail be?”, I hit the trail head guided by this sign.

Some times the trail was obvious, although challenging.


Other times, the trail was not as obvious, and I was thankful for the trail markers (which were also hard to find at times).  If you have a moment, click on the images to check out just how challenging that trail was.


As you can tell, the hike to the Pinnacle was straight up most of the time.  The view at the top was well worth the effort.

The wind was blowing hard all around me, and pushing me a bit, too, and I swear, when I sat down to eat my snack, I felt that mountain move!

The views were incredible and I dearly wish I’d been able to spend more time in this 413,000 acre park.  Soon enough, though, it was time to head on down,  and find that post hike beer.  After that, I sat on my little porch, watched the Kangaroos, and planned the next day’s route to Adelaide.



Three months after returning home, I only have one more day to share from my Feb / March trip to NZ / Australia.  Believe it or not, I have saved all of the notifications about your posts and dearly hope to visit soon!

22 thoughts on “Continuing the Journey: Grampians National Park

  1. Laurie, I’m catching up with your last post and this one. I have always wanted to visit Australia (on my bucket list), and your photos tell me that I do need to go. It’s a gorgeous country and the views are breath-taking. What an incredible trip, one that will live with you forever.

    In regard to Vegas, I’ve been there once, so I’m looking forward to seeing it again through your lens.

    • Hi Mary! I’m so looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting back into a regular schedule on WP. Thanks so much for the visit and comment today.
      You do need to go to Australia, and if you go that far, you might as well hit New Zealand, too. Both countries were incredible and even though I was fortunate to have 3 weeks, it was not enough!
      Vegas was a 48 hour blast! Photos soon!

    • Thanks, Joe. I just posted about the final day (3 months later LOL). We had such fun in Vegas and I finally connected (via messenger) with Paul. So sorry to have missed meeting him!

  2. So funny: in blog time you’re still in Australia. I know what you mean by that! But your readers are bloggers, and we all understand. ha ha.

    This place looks amazing!!! I am just now visiting for the first time in forever, and this is the first set of photos I’ve seen and Laurie, it’s so beautiful. Bravo for climbing that trail! Holy cow! I am struck by the look of those two peaks in the distance (2nd photo). And that sign is hilarious. Kisses and hugs. ❤

    • I thought the sign was funny, too! So glad you found a moment to visit. I must have created 20 different blog posts about NZ and Australia …. it was an absolutely incredible trip. You may not know that the trip was all about visiting bloggers. Alys (Gardening NIrvana), Boomdee, Pauline (Contented Crafter), and Pauline’s daughters Joanna and Danella. What a gift blogging is!
      I’ll be back to regular posting soon, and visiting, too! So good to hear from you!

      • Blogging IS a gift! I suspected you may be visiting some of our blogger counterparts on the other side of the globe. Glad to hear that’s exactly what you did! That is a dream I hold dear: visiting some of my fave bloggers. I’ll get to them all one of these days.

  3. Wow, that trail was some workout. I’m sure I’d faint from the climbing. More likely, I would have gone to a happy hour and not even entertained the thought of hiking. Gorgeous photo’s along the way and at especially at the summit. The rock formations seem un-worldly. Australia is so unique and wonderful ! You’re Kangaroo photo’s are spectacular Laurie! What an adventure xo K

    • So good to hear from you, and I am so excited about our upcoming chat on Saturday! Thanks for visiting. I am looking forward to getting caught up in the blog world and can’t believe it took me 3 months to finish going through all of the photos 🙂 ❤

      • Your well ahead of me LB. Yesterday was awesome to visit. I hope you recover from your cold soon. Could be a wee sign to rest up and take time to R&R……if that’s even possible. xo K

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time at Gariwerd. I visited the same area last year and was very impressed with the energy of the country. Did you drop into Brambuk while you were there? Another very special place is the Bunjil Shelter just to the East of Gariwerd. Bunjil was the creator of the land, the law-giver and now looks over his people as the eagle in the sky.

    • Oh wow, both of those places sound great! I very much wish that I’d had more time to explore the park. Even though a 3 week adventure is long for me, and a gift to be away from work, it was not near enough time!

    • Truly, an incredible adventure! Over 20 blog posts worth! wow …
      Thanks for visiting and know that I look forward to catching up with everyone, soon! Hope you are well, Edith!

    • Hi Kerry! So good to hear from you! This hike, as well as the others that I enjoyed in NZ and OZ, were amazing. Straight up hill, all of them. Phew!
      Looking foward to catching up with you soon!

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