Hiking and Jetboating in Queenstown

It was with mixed emotions that the Wanaka Crew began to disperse Thursday morning, with all of us checked out of our gorgeous temporary home on Friday.  What an incredible journey blogging has been for all of us!  Who knew that when we all published our first posts, for me back  in June of 2012, we would meet and make such great friends.  The benefits to blogging are many and without a doubt, the best part is the worldwide connections that are made.

This image nipped from Alys’ FB page: Boomdee, Alys, Danella (daughter of Pauline), Pauline, Steve (partner of Joanna), me, Joanna (daughter of Pauline), and Mike (Alys’ husband).

After one last lunch with Pauline, Danella, Boomdee, and Siddy, with this view as the backdrop, I was dropped at my Queenstown Hotel.  It was time to start my solo adventure.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world, and with just one and a half days to spend there, I had many choices.  Ultimately, I decided to hike Queenstown Hill and, on the advice of Danella, to take a jet boat ride on Lake Wakatipu.

After walking by this gorgeous tree, I began my morning with the now customary Flat White.  I was thrilled to see this Giant Sequoia since I’ve not seen them in California yet.

They Call it a “Hill”

Queenstown Hill is a popular hike for locals and visitors alike despite the moderate to difficult rating.  While only 3k from the trail head and back, it was another 3k on foot to get to the trailhead.  It’s 500m to the summit, straight up hill all the way.  Click on each image in the gallery to get an idea of the steep climb, both on the street and the trail.

Soon enough I entered a magical area of stacked rocks.  I was capitavated and spent a good 15 minutes in peace and quiet, and then added my own rock.  The photography is poor as it was quite dark and I just didn’t capture the stacks well.

I knew that I was near the summit when I arrived at the Basket of Dreams.  Sculptor Caroline Robinson created this piece in 2000 for the Queenstown Millenium project which has  transformed the existing walk into a heritage and art trail.  The ‘Basket’ is near the top of the hill and “is built to lie inside of, eat your sandwich, and imagine. It provides a meeting place, a resting place, a dreaming spaceIts a place to be with others and with the magic of the Wakatipu landscape”.

I began what I thought were the final steps (the basket is right in the middle of this next image).  It is so tiny as seen here.  Then I turned around and saw that I had several more steps to go (see the second image).  Can you see the people on the summit?

Finally! I arrived on the summit and the view is indescribable, at least for me.  I mean, how many more times can a person say “incredible, gorgeous, stunning”?

I sat in complete contentment for a long while.  A woman came up and asked if she could take my photo as I looked so quiet and peaceful.  What a thoughtful gesture as I would not have been able to manage a selfie.

It was difficult to leave this place.  Thankfully, a celebratory beverage and a jetboat ride awaited me.  I enjoyed my Monteith’s Black as I looked back up to the summit.  Can you see it, peaking through the trees?

And then I looked towards the lake.

It was a specatacular day for a jetboat ride!

What a thrill, and even though 60 minutes, not long enough!  My time in New Zealand came to an end all too quickly, despite being there almost 2 weeks.   What a remarkable country!

Now though, it was almost time to get on that plane, and fly to Melbourne.

9 thoughts on “Hiking and Jetboating in Queenstown

  1. There is too much to say about these photos and the area!!! I agree. How many times can you say “incredible, gorgeous, stunning”? Not enough here. I loved your wrist band you were wearing. It looks like you left it at the top of the “hill”. Once in a lifetime memories you have there all from trusting your instincts about strangers on the internet. 🙂 They are family now. All these years of writing lets you know a person’s heart. I saved many of the photos you posted just for me. Loved the one of Siddy having wine. 🙂 I would be in awe at the top of that climb as well. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

  2. You are a bundle of energy, Laurie. Even these steep hikes can’t wear you down. I’m so glad someone took the photo of you looking outward. I love the stacked rocks, and of course, the adorable suggestion of a fairy door.

  3. Well now, what now, how now, brown cow…….LOL
    I know I read this a ways back and commented ?? but must have never posted that comment. So I enjoyed Queenstown over again. I can hardly believe I was there really. Do you get that feeling too? It still feels a little surreal to me. I laughed thinking about you down on your little knees taking a photo of the pitch of that road. Good one! That certainly tells the story right there. I’m so terribly out of shape, I would have needed CPR. Loved following your adventures here LB but even more so, witnessing your zest for life and spending time soaking in your beautiful self. Until next time…let’s hug it out xoxox K

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  5. We did the Shotover jet boat and loved it. My feeling was that the excitement of coming so close to the rocks was designed to thrill the passengers and was not really dangerous. The next day we did a helicopter to Milford Sound and the pilot was also a search and rescue guy. He said they do rescues for the Shotover jet passengers all the time. Usually broken arms. Glad I didn’t know it at the time!!

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