The Channels

If you’ve visited  The Unassuming Hiker this week, you have already been introduced to The Channels, a gorgeous, 721 acre natural preserve in Southwest Virginia.  The Channels Natural Area Preserve is part of a 4,836 acre State Forest that was purchased by the Department of Forestry from The Nature Conservancy in March 2008.  The preserve name is derived from the maze-like system of sandstone crevices and boulders that occur near the 4208ft. summit of Middle Knob on Clinch mountain.

With good friends along for the ride, the 2 hour drive to the trailhead was over before we knew it.  The last 30 minutes will offer an excellent ride when next I return on the bike.  Lots of curves and twisties to thrill a bikers heart!

The 3 mile hike to the top was through a lush, green forest that offered plenty of shade on this sunny, breezy day.

Once on the top, we had views that stretched for miles!  We just could not stop exclaiming about how fortunate we were to be there.

I swear, I want to be a hawk (well, except for their diet).  I want to soar!

Even though it is only early September, the color change has begun.

We were 4 very happy women: Fresh air, exercise, incredible views, and lots of places to explore.

Big thanks to Karen for offering weekend hikes for those who can’t make it during the week.

As you might guess, I took a zillion photos.  The next post will show images of the fire tower (which, or course, I wanted to climb), and the one after that will be about the sandstone channels that, when we explored them, brought out the kid in all of us.

24 thoughts on “The Channels

  1. I love your photos of the mountains and conservatory. So invigorating. You have me psyched for a trek on the AT next week on the PA – MD border.

  2. How did I already know you wanted to climb the fire tower before you mentioned it Laurie 😀 These are all beautiful images. You will have to tell me where you get all of your energy one day.

    • Joe, I’ve been thinking of you and cameras lately. I’ve just been so disatisfied with the final product of my images. I’ve had my Canon 60D for 3 yrs now, not long enough to think about a new one. Perhaps I need to just spend more time practicing, but I sure hate to think I’d come home from NZ and OZ with images I am not happy with.
      Thanks for your comment here, and let’s just hope my energy lasts. I have no time for that 🙂

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    • Kerry, it’s good to hear from you. Everything about this day was wonderful, and I’m thankful that Karen planned it 6 weeks ahead of time as I probably would have something else scheduled for the day.
      So both of our teams won big yesterday! YAY!

    • I try not to take for granted how green it is, and how incredibly beautiful. (I’m finally responding to comments … thank you for all of yours ❤ )

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