Where in the World Has LB Been?

The past 6 weeks have been jam packed, and because of that, I’m taking a cue from Boomdee and doing a catch up post.

I spent 48 hours in Keystone, Colorado for a wedding, and in addition to a fabulous time with family, I saw some amazing scenary.  Can’t wait to share more photos!

I spent two weekends devoted to electing women to public office.  In both Richmond and Leesburg,  I met energetic and committed activists, and got to hear from elected officials (and soon to be elected officials) that I admire.  I was empowered by the many women who have thrown caution to the wind and decided to run for office.

It was such a powerful thing to be surrounded by hundreds of energized women, and a few men, too, most of whom had attended the Women’s March in January.

This great sign is now proudly displayed in my front yard.

Thankfully, I also found time for some photography.

Denver Colorado

The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Richmond Virginia

Radford Virginia

and Floyd Virginia

Despite the fact that I’ve enjoyed all this travel, I was excited to be home this weekend so that I could ride BOTH bikes!

Well, I got to ride both bikes AFTER I  had a new rear tire put on the motorcycle.  Never a dull moment!

Even better: I’m home for the next 5 weeks!

16 thoughts on “Where in the World Has LB Been?

  1. Whew!! I need a rest after reading this! While I am very happy to see you have placed one of those signs on your beautiful property, I’m sad that you have to! I would think every person left of the far right would be politically active these days – which makes (would make) your work easier……. 🙂 Gorgeous photos of your surrounds and travels Laurie – the Floyd one is magical! So, five weeks at home …… Look out Radford!! 🙂 Have an enjoyable time and just a teeny rest up? xoxo PS We need to Skype!

  2. Wow, you are one busy, traveling woman! Isn’t Denver great? I loved it there. And what an exciting thought that we can get women running for office to change things. What good work you do.

  3. Great shots, LB. Love the Rockies, the “Hate Has No Home Here” and you flipping Virginia Blue. Nice work and get them voting!

  4. Whew–you’re a whirling dervish! It all looks fun and inspiring and kind of exhausting, but important. Are you going to run for office again? I think that would be pretty cool . . . .

  5. You are inspiring in so many ways. You are also the fourth person I know who has visited Yellowstone in the last month or so – a place I have always wanted to see. Love all these photos, with an extra shot for the baby playing in the water!

  6. I love the “Flip Virginia Blue” sign! I need one that says, “Flip Wisconsin back to blue!” You certainly had a busy six weeks, but glad to see you back here. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  7. It will be women that change the world. It would never have crossed my mind in school to be interested in politics or how it worked. Why is that. We are so programmed. I’m glad that is changing.You have a great collection of photos here. The child in the water sprinklers tickled me. Love the no hate sign and so sorry to see the tire damage. Been there but not on a bike. Glad you had a chance to restore.

  8. “Women can fix this”…I love that, Laurie. Thank you for working tirelessly to get women elected. *You* should have been elected. We need your strength and vision. I’m glad you’ll have several weeks to relax and regroup and to spend time doing the things you enjoy. Your photos are wonderful. It’s always a pleasure to stop by your blog. Miss you.

  9. Whatever you turn your camera to, the results are gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing your world through your camera lens.
    After reading Emilio’s comment, I had to go back and look at the photo again. I was so focus on the dramatic sky, I hadn’t seen what he had seen. Nice!

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