Riding on International Female Ride Day

In it’s 10th year, International Female Ride Day (IFRD) is a one-day, globally synchronized ride exclusively for women motorcyclists.


Having found out about IFRD too late to organize a group ride, I was none the less determined to get on the bike.  Okay, let’s be honest.  I was determined to get on the bike even if it wasn’t International Female Ride Day.


I met Dave and Michael, two of my favorite biker buds who I’ve written about before, at 11 on Saturday morning.


We flirted with rain all day but stayed dry, and thankfully so, as the roads we took were full of fun curves and twists.


We stopped at Big Walker Lookout, a 100 ft observation tower on top of Big Walker Mountain.


Built in 1947, the tower offers great views of mountain peaks in 5 surrounding states.



 It costs $6 to climb to the top, and while I’ve made the climb in the past, today we enjoyed the views from the bottom.



In addition to the observation tower, there’s a General Store, a swinging bridge, and this collection of old license plates.


At one point during the day, we got caught at a railroad crossing.  This building caught my attention and I literally ran back, huffing and puffing in my helmet and boots, to take a photo while waiting for the train to pass.  I managed to take a quick shot, but had no time to gather any history, as the crossing bars started to rise signaling that it was time to ride on.


My friend Karen gave me an action camera, similar to a Go Pro, and I cannot wait to start using it.  If I’d been riding alone, I would have stopped far too often for photos.  Since Dave and Michael like to keep on riding, the action camera will allow for some fun shots and video without having to stop so often.


As always, we finished the ride with a cold beer, a great meal, and the chance to make a new Gravatar.


I’ve already marked my calendar for the 2017 International Female Ride Day, and if I get my act together, I’ll try to organize a ride.  Until then, here’s a bit more information about IFRD.

The guiding principles of IFRD are:

  1. Freedom – women are encouraged to participate and enjoy the day in any manner they choose.  Just Ride!
  2. Brandless – the event is not to be taken over by any one motorcycle, manufacturer brand, product, or country.  The idea is to UNITE not exclude
  3. One Fixed Date – IFRD occurs on the first Saturday of May every year.
  4. Open Good Will – to not impose on any rider, group, or club’s charity purpose.

40 thoughts on “Riding on International Female Ride Day

    • I thought it was cool, too, and I love the principles: no judgment, ride what you want, and everyone is equal / all are welcome!

  1. Now, that looked like a fun way to spend the day! Great photos. That door in the corner was so odd to look at. 🙂 Loved the license plates and great scenery. Time for me to get out in nature too. Hear the weeds calling my name. 🙂

    • The door! I wish I’d had more time to explore that. Was it an architectural element? A coding enforcement? Did they run out of brick? 🙂
      Darn those weeds! I did a little pulling on Sunday but they sure grow faster than I can pull! I’m betting that it’s the same for you.

    • You are the third person who has told me that they’ve never gotten the camera out of the box. I’ll try to do better! Next step is to get the Mini SD card. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

  2. Great post, Laurie. Looks like you had fun on some fantastic roads. The scenery isbeautiful. We saw quite a few women riders this weekend but always seem to, so we had no idea there was any difference in the day. And both Saturday and Sunday rain was intermittent all day. I never minded riding in the rain as long as I was covered head to toe in some kind of rain gear!

    • I was just thinking on Sunday that I need new rain gear. I bought what I currently have when I started riding 7 years ago, and it really doesn’t protect me well.
      Time to go shopping!

      • I used to wear a rubber suit that, even in a cold rain, made me sweat. Still, I loved the ride.

  3. The road looks amazing!!! Got some time in myself (in the last few days), although I did detect an exhaust leak (sound) when I arrived home after church yesterday. No oil splatters anywhere so it, hopefully, will be a quick(?) easy fix this week!!!! Rainy and cool this week and rain next weekend (do they REALLY know??!!!!).

    • I’m so glad you got to ride! and will keep my fingers crossed that the fix is indeed quick and easy.
      and no … they really don’t know! 🙂

  4. Laura, I love the principles of the IFRD. What a terrific day for a ride. I’m glad you found this group and that you could partake this year. I have no doubt that you’ll pull together a group next year.

    The photo of the tower is breathtaking. Beautifully captured. I had to laugh at the idea of paying to climb those stairs. I assumed someone had to pay you to be willing to climb them. 😉

    It would be worth if for the view I’m sure. It reminds me of climbing the winding staircase of a lighthouse on our honeymoon.

    Your photos are extraordinary. You visit such beautiful places. I’m afraid of motorcycles, but I can appreciate how wonderfully liberating it must be to take those curves on the open road, and to be able to see all the things you see in your gorgeous state and beyond.

    • Those principles are perfect: equality, no judgment, all are welcome. I’m glad you read them, Alys.
      In terms of climbing that tower … there was a pretty good wind on Saturday. I’m thinking that the tower would have been swaying a bit much for my comfort. Glad we stayed on the ground!

      • Oh my…a swaying tower is one of those things that makes a good story weeks or months later when you’ve regained your sea legs after a climb. I’m glad you kept your center of gravity low.

  5. Your selfie in the reflection is so cool! It looks like a wonderful ride. I also love the photo of the scenery with the rail fence in the foreground.

  6. I love the sense of carefree freedom that you impart in your posts about riding. It almost makes me want to get a motorcycle and ride too … almost 🙂
    The photos you take shows that you are close by wonderful countryside to really take advantage of riding! *sigh* Unfortunately my bicycle rides don’t take me anywhere near countryside as picturesque as this.

    • Joanne, I try never to forget how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
      I’m back from my weekend of travel (work and pleasure) and look forward to catching up with everyone! Heading to your place now

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